Why get married Russian women foreign men

  • Why looking Russian and Ukrainian girls men from abroad?


    There are many opinions and odors, so why Russian women and Ukrainian women to marry men from Western Europe. I want to comment on some well-known patterns of thought my opinion.


    1) Russian women and Ukrainian women sign up for all online dating sites and dating agencies Ukraine Russia to quickly find a man from the West who marries her and to leave the country.

    This opinion is not correct. The economic situation in Eastern Europe is not great, that is for me but no reason why to leave home and not at all, by a marriage with an unloved man. Not why I'm logged in portal dating. I'm not unemployed, and will support me in the Ukraine and myself care about me. I can afford more than many other Ukrainians. I think when a person is smart enough and hard at each one is to enjoy life in the situation in Russia and in Ukraine. When I sometimes read, how to write about our countries, that we are all in trouble and almost starving, so I think - these people were ever in Kiev or Moscow? Very unlikely. Maybe know a lot of words from Kiev Dating Kiev or Moscow dating service? But not because of distress are Russian women for dating! Otherwise they would something not write. Economic situation in the country would never be a reason for me to marry a man to supplement me financially. Much more fun if you can even achieve something. The main reason for looking for a husband abroad has never been the financial situation in Ukraine and in Russia. The reason why pretty Russian and Ukrainian is married foreigners not the German or Austrian passport. Love can not be bought!


    2.) Russian women and Ukrainian women do not want their domestic men because they all drink too much.

    Alcohol problems are known in Eastern Europe. But even in Sweden or England men drink too much. And not all men are addicted to alcohol with us. A problem of our men is their perception of the world and of marriage. Many men in Russia and Ukraine believe that they are allowed to have as many lovers as they wish. For Russian or Ukrainian men it is difficult just to stay true to a woman. They would prefer to marry many women and may have many wives, but the responsibility to carry the women. So to make money the women. Then the men have more of it: variety and money. Russian woman puts more emphasis on the family as the man. If problems arise during the marriage or the relationship, try Eastern European women to save the marriage and to solve problems. Men flee from it. That's why foreign men are interesting to me, because they respect partnership and marriage very and attach great importance. close A marriage is not a decision for a month. Alien Man offers the family more financial security, but at the same time his wife's freedom of choice and not put it under pressure.


    3.) Foreign men are friendly and nice, natural and honest. They keep their word and take responsibility for the family.

    We hear so many beautiful sweet Talking of our men. Our men have understood that women love with ears. They tell us what we want to hear and win our confidence and get us. Morning forget everything they have told us. And always the same circus. Our men are eternal for dating and love singles, even if they are married.
    There's a saying even with us: "A woman over 40 looks only true love and only true feelings, the other circus's already seen it." In our country the same circus is always rotated. The women are already tired of fine words without meaning. They want less words dear - more deeds. Foreigners have also been known that they keep their words.
    I have experienced myself. The naturalness and openness are also the reason why we women opt for foreign men. Foreign men have not forgotten how to be happy and to share the joy. Russian women and Ukrainian women are very romantic and we want to discover something new every day for us. We want to stroll through the park and discover every day a new flower there.

    These are the reasons why we want to marry men from abroad. We want to just be happy and with foreign men, we have more opportunities to create a happy future. Certainly not all singles russian women are honest on dating sites and dating services and reputable, but many of us are looking for our happiness and true love without circus!