Are Russian and Ukrainian women, the most beautiful?

  • The beauty of Russian and Ukrainian women is known. Even people who have not been in Russia or in Ukraine are convinced that in Russia and in Ukraine live the most beautiful women in the world. According to the results of an online-based survey would have a Russian or Ukrainian woman as 28% German, 18% Cuban, 30% English, 5% Norwegian and 60% Turks. Is it only at the beauty? Or is it more a worldwide spread prejudice, a common stereotype that Russian women and Ukraine women are so beautiful?

    Of course, the beauty is a matter of taste. One like black-haired and brown-eyed women, another - blonde and blue-eyed women. Many of us even opt unconscious for a certain type appearance. Russian women and Ukrainian women winning beauty contests and are nice and well kept in their average, although they observed just in the street. What are indeed secrets of Russian or Ukrainian beauty?

    Ukrainians have good genes, which is also historically conditioned. Ukraine has been conquered several times, and its history is the endless struggle for independence. Several nations have inhabited the Ukraine, which has yielded good results at the genetic level, and not just externally. The difficult history of the People Development has helped that Ukrainians have an adaptable character, are willing to compromise, adaptive and flexible. Traditional Ukrainian beauty is the combination of a female and slim figure, black hair and blue eyes. Nowadays you can also find such original beauty rather rare. Regardless of the eye and hair color guide Ukrainians attention around the world to be. For their natural beauty they should not thank primarily, only nature.

    The beauty, the more when it is given by nature, requires care - this is an international rule. Every Ukrainian will take time for themselves on a daily basis. Nowadays numerous offers are the women available on how to maintain the look: Beauty and SPA salons, plastic surgery and cosmetology. But this requires substantive investments that can not afford all Ukrainians. Therefore, the care is very common at home. Ask your friends from the Ukraine, which recipes for hair care and skin knows - because you can write a book! These recipes are based on the ancient knowledge of the power of nature and are very effective on the basis of natural ingredients. Using these recipes see the women like in the magazines Vogue and Elle. Therefore you have to take time, however.

    What the women into look beautiful? This is the natural desire of each Ukrainian, which is inherited partly educated in part in the family. Mothers bring their daughters at their own secrets of beauty care. When the girls grow up, it is for them already a matter of course, time and effort to invest in their appearance. Add to that a high competition. According to official figures, the proportion of men in Ukraine is lower than the proportion of women. For this reason, the women make the effort to distinguish themselves from the crowd. This works great on you, but it is not always appreciated by the men. Even in marriage takes a Ukrainian always time for yourself. You want to look good for her lover so that he could be proud of them.

    No wonder that Ukrainians are world renowned for their beauty. Below we will dwell on some aspects of this beauty and reveal some secrets of the top appearance of Ukrainians.