Russian Women and healthy diet

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    Today we will inform you, which means healthy food for Russian women and Ukrainian women.

    Healthy eating is not visible, but an effective tool a Russian or Ukrainian woman to remain beautiful. The traditional Russian cuisine and Ukrainian cuisine consist of fatty and high-calorie dishes. Nevertheless, many Russians and Ukrainians remain slim and fit. Their secret reveals itself in balance. High-calorie meals are usually eaten during the cold season, when the body consumes more energy than usual. In spring women eat from Eastern Europe very much seasonal fruit and vegetables. In summer, women light and fresh dishes preferred. In addition, many women hold from time to time on specific diet programs that allow them to keep the weight under control. In such a way Ukrainian women stay beautiful and attractive with each character type and at any age.


    Russian and Ukrainian women place great emphasis on healthy eating. This helps Russian women and Ukrainian women fit to remain energetic and beautiful. adhere to a healthy diet is not as difficult: Russians and Ukrainians know the basic rules of a healthy diet, choose the right foods and can on this basis a balanced menu put together independently. This also applies to their families: for a Ukrainian woman, it is very important that not only they, but also their family eat healthily. But one does not necessarily need a big budget: you have to buy any expensive foods to prepare them properly is much more important.


    East Europeans cook mostly at home and prefer the variety in the diet: fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs, nuts, oil products, grains and greens. Russians and Ukrainians maintain regularly and feed with smaller portions without long pauses. You like to use spices, less salt and sugar. Sugar is often replaced with honey. It is also common to drink much water as possible. The climate and the land of their citizens the possibility of a large range of fruit and vegetables to enjoy throughout the year, which is very important for the health and beauty of Ukrainian women.


    Russian women and Ukrainian women look at the quality of the food: fresh food, a proper preparation manner and the appropriate product type. In addition, their dishes are really delicious! Eastern European women are good cooks and love to cook, especially if they have a family. You maintain not only their own beauty, but also the health of her lover and her children. Almost everything can be prepared at home: such a diet is not only healthy, but also has a special energy - the energy of love. Cooking experiments are Ukrainians also no stranger. This does not mean that Ukrainian women focus on the kitchen too much. Some like it, spend time in the kitchen and pamper their neighbor with tasty dishes, some not so - at least every Ukrainian woman ensures that feeding their family is not based on semi-finished products and ordered pizzas and sushi. Any Ukrainian knows that love goes through the stomach, and she forgets that joke never. 


    Good restaurants, barbecues, cozy cafes - it likes Russians and Ukrainians also very. Every woman, even if the cooking is her passion, rejected the visit of a good restaurant or the proposal to have a barbecue, not from. This gives women the relaxation and inspiration. Even more rejoice Russian women and Ukrainian when their husbands cook something - this is a great gift for them! No matter what it is and how it works: even the coffee and the omelet in the morning your wife can make you happy! It's not about the food, but your attention and care. The time and effort you have taken it, appreciates a Ukrainian - so what is worth a lot for them. Treat your wife sometimes - this plays a huge role in the happy relationship.


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    Natalia I want to add that for Urainian women it's really easy to eat healthy food and to cook healthily for their families. The first reason can be very easy - cafes and restaurants are now too expensive. It's much cheaper to eat at home. And one easy secret hel...  more
    March 11, 2016