I see the man of my dreams

  • Letter of the Ukrainian woman who is dating
    I never thought that I would be afraid to stay the whole life alone. This is no joke. Life is shorter than it seems to us at the beginning.
    First, we are young and it is for us actually to find no problem friends. There were plenty of guys who wanted to meet me. But I was too young, and it seemed at the time that the selection of future partners is always as good as now. I was too picky and too emotional. If something I did not like, I quickly broke up and broken relationship.
    The most of my friends were married to 20th You met her friends at university and started families. They were all young and it was easier for them to take to marry the decision.
    I found, so to make an important decision to marry a man for the rest of life, you can not meet as soon yet. It took me longer and with 25 years noted the woman in the Ukraine or in Russia that all nice guys are already married. Then Russian women and Ukrainian women are starting to be nervous, because women in Eastern Europe are aged over 25 to the old women, and they already have great difficulty in finding decent men.
    We report a panic at online dating service, online portal, brokerage and Love cards on to in the hope of a normal man. But here, at Dating Agencies, prevails also very high competition. Many attractive Russian and Ukrainian women and dating and flirting with Russian women do not always end with the wedding!
    Then pass away years and we women are still there, where we started.
    What man I'm looking for? Seeking no millionaire and no man who looks like Brad Pitt. Seeking a nice man. I have 3 important characteristics that my future husband but should have. And I want to mention:

    1). He leads healthy life.
    By this I mean that he is not a drinker. We have in Ukraine a lot of men who are nice and intelligent, unfortunately makes alcohol destroy everything and with such men can a responsible woman not start a family. Alcohol destroys not only the relationship between husband and wife, but also makes the lives of children with such a Papa unbearable. I can start a relationship with a man who drinks too much. Under too much I understand every night more than half a bottle of wine. I have nothing against a glass of red wine for dinner. But if you start the evening with a glass of wine and finish with the bottle, has no happy future and the woman who is based with a man like the family feel for life miserable.

    2). He has a job
    There are in Ukraine many men who are unemployed. We have to find in the country no problem a job, but many men do not want to work. So a man I do not know. There are men who are called in the Ukraine and Russia Alfons. These are the men who live on the expense of women. They are mostly good in bed and thus they make the women joy and fun. Otherwise they do anything. They stay at home in front of TV and wait for their wives to come home and take full bags with purchases and prepare delicious dinner with wine and candles. The men cultivate and look really good. But I can such a man does not take it seriously, let alone marry. I am not important how much worthy of man, the importance is that it works and does its job. He strives to create better life for the family and it is not lazy.

    3). He respects women
    Yes, you do not want the man every wish of his wife, but one wants but that the man takes his wife seriously. I want a dialogue with my dear husband and no permanent monologues heard. That is very important to me. But that is not self-evident in the Ukraine! Men in Ukraine and in Russia say the women what they should do and that the so everything is the man's job well. So you are manager of the family. They organize their employees, so that the (women) can keep house tidy.
    I do not want to have more. The women who got married at 20, which make most with. I would not and I'm looking for the man with whom I will together meet the future life, day after day, month after month, until the happy ending!
    In Ukraine, it is hardly possible to find a man with these three properties. But I know that it's different in Western countries, and there are many men, for my wishes are granted. Or I want too much?