Russian women! Be careful!

  • Many partner exchanges, single exchanges andcontact exchanges present wonderful Russian women and women from the Ukraine.


    It seems that it can go really fast of getting to know a woman from dreams which is russian.  And it costs not so much. For what do I need translation help? I can translate quite well with the help of Google on-line . And everything free of charge. It seem, one is intelligent enough to regulate everything independently. Thus mostly think who begin her partner search with on-line Dating. This would be also possible, in the case if you met an honest and decent woman who has the same feelings you have to her.


    Men decide on partner exchanges mostly because of the price. It is in comparison to partner mediation  or marriage agency with with Russian women only one bargain. However, the risk to meet the robber here is  very high. The participants are not checked. Everybody can copy a photo from the Internet set up themselves as one or other woman.


     Many people find the partner exchanges and Dating service very attractively from the point of earning money. And such aim  have not only the operators of these contact exchanges, but, unfortunately, also some people who announce themselves on Dating pages as partner-searchers. Especially in Russia and in Ukraine where the economic situation is so serious the people are particularly creative concerning earning quick money and know how  to present himself intelligently at partner exchanges not to strike and to get certainly the money.


    If you have decided to try to find your happines with partnerindependently, look through our helpful  tips of which you should always think when you begin Dating with Russian women.

    There are good women also at partner exchanges and we are sure, there are a lot on CandyDates. You very good chances to meet there a partner for whole life. CandyDates is a partner exchange for serious contacts and we try to appeal to serious people. But you have to remain careful until one will find the right woman.


     We hear hundreds of stories from men who were deceived  by the women and have paid at the end a lot of money, in hope for the near meeting. In these stories we always see similar threads and the same development process what leads the diggers to the planned aim.

    The woman wins your trust! She writes a lot and, besides, sends you not only good sexily pictures, but also quite natural photos, so that you see, she is none of those which want only one thing …


    The women are so clever and artful, they tell even, they already have a passport and can come to you. The men think – this is really great! She demands no money for the passport from me! She already has this. She is honest.


    The woman speaks German well and calls them even from Russia! The man thinks: she is great, she invests money in our relationships. It seems that everythng is perfect!


    According to our opinion, this looks not promising! This looks like the deception!

    They do not notice at all, when you start to send the money to the lady, without her asking for it. It can be thousands euros which you lose, until you will understand, that she is cheating!


    An honest and decent woman will never call you from Russia. It cost a lot of money and she will intend to know first more about you, to build up trust, until she is so far that she agrees that you will call her. And not vice versa!

    Dont send to the woman money or other presents up to the first meeting . If the meeting with the woman who has never got the money of you is fulfilled , then this woman really has interest to you.


    The first meeting should take place only in the country where the woman lives. And only in such a way. All robbers do not plan at all to meet you. They want only the money.


    Invite the lady whom you have got to know on CandyDates to videochat. Many partner exchanges deceive men with specially prepared videos which are not topical to be convincing, the woman exists.


    CandyDates offers you video-chat live. These are 100% of guarantee that you get to see the real live video. We can  protect you from the deception.


    If you know and always remember it, start and find your happines certainly and successfully!


    We wish youa lot of love and pleasant !