Fake fiancees in dating agencies

  • Attention! Some marriage agencies can cheat you! I’ll try to explain how it can happen. One my friend (let’s call her Ann) once called me and said that someone is using her name and photos. From the very beginning of this story I didn’t understand what she meant.


    Firstly she registered at a dating agency (let’s call it dating agency A). There she was offered prospects of a chance having a real acquaintance with a man from abroad and also a chance to have a real date with him. Of course  it’s a natural wish of a single lady! She hoped to find her Mr. Perfect. She uploaded her pictures, answered all the questions in the list. Also she was asked to record some short interviews in her native language. She did everything. But then, in some months she didn’t get any letters. Though… May be she did, but Ann didn’t know the password to her e-mail. Yes! This marriage agency A said that all girls had to use only new email-addresses for sending and getting e-mails from men. And the password from it had only the staff members of the agency A.


    So, she didn’t get any letters. Then she knew found out a translator wrote letters from her to different men. Ann didn’t want to be registered there any more… In a couple of months she went to another marriage agency (let’s call it agency B) and registered her profile there. But Ann decided not to record any interviews and to refuse any communication via Skype.


    The most interesting happened a bit later. A man from dating agency B wanted to get acquainted to her. She wrote a letter but then he said to her that he found her profile at the marriage agency A and that she was lying to him: that it wasn’t her real profile and she wanted to cheat him!


    Ann tried to ask him why he thought so and to explain, it was her real webpage! He didn’t want to listen and to believe. He also added that he spoke to Ann per Skype with the help of an interpreter. He asked her some questions and she answered him… But the matter of the fact is she didn’t speak to him and didn’t get another letters.


    Ann and me read a lot of articles, blogs and looked through lots of information and understood that such way of business is really just a business. The managers are not interested to loose attractive girls and therefore their large income. Even if a girl doesn’t want to have a profile at the agency the manager says he deletes it from the site, but it exists for a rather long time. Managers from marriage agency A still show Ann’s Skype interviews and write letters from her. And she has already met a man at dating agency B, which is really serious.


    I have found another story from a woman who lost her chance for happiness as she says. She also was registered at marriage agency A and staff members wrote letters from her to different men. And often they gave false answers! One man decided to meet her and came to her home town. Before their meeting the staff members sent her all “their” letters for her to know what “she” had written to him. Of course this woman couldn’t understand everything because her English was not very good. They met at a café, spent some time there, he took her home in a taxi. And that was the end. He wrote her that they didn’t suit one another!


    I think that if she wrote him letters from the beginning they would understand each other better and didn’t have expectation they had! Of course if he expected to see a woman who liked coffee, he was disappointed when he met a woman who drank only herbal tea!..


    I think dating agencies like the agency A create fake fiancées who don’t have any chances for happiness. Dear men, be careful when you register on such websites, try to check if the girl is real or it’s just a collaborator who writes letters and messages from in her name…Believe only to sites with singles which you can read lots of positive feedbacks about!