Wedding tokens in Ukraine

  • Ukrainian culture is rich in tokens. Especially there are a lot tokens in the wedding sphere, because it has always been a very important part of life. Of course not of them are remembered today, but grandmothers like telling them to the younger generation.

    According to folk-believes the choice of the month for the wedding is very important for the future life of newlyweds. Old people say, if you marry in January, you’ll soon be a widow or a widower. Wedding in February means you’ll live in unity. If you got married in March be ready to leave your Motherland and move to another country. April wedding promises you inconstant happiness, May one will bring you hardship and trouble. Planning to get married in June? Great! You’ll be happy in your marriage. Wedding in July is for people who are ready to ups and downs. August is a good month for your special day, because it brings you love and friendship in the marriage. Married in September? You’ll have a quite life with your partner. October marriages promise hard life for newlyweds. Prosperity is waiting for people who plan to get married in November. Your Big Day in December will strengthen your love year after year.

    If you plan to use your parents’ wedding rings, be careful! You can repeat their fate. Buy massive rings and you’ll have prosperity in your married life.

    Aren’t married yet? Just touch the rings of bride and groom and you’ll get married soon! Don’t give your rings to anyone, because it’s a bad token which means you’ll have unhappy fate. Try not to let down the ring. Otherwise one of the couple will be unfaithful…

    Traditionally, newlyweds go to the celebration in the café or a restaurant or just home, where all the guests wait for them after the registration. Their parents meet them with a loaf and salt. People say that who pulls off bigger piece of loaf will be the head of the family.

    If it’s raining or snowing at the Big Day, the life of the husband and the wife will be happy. But windy weather is bad, because the life of the couple will be windy as well. Celebrating your wedding day during Maslenitsa week? Lucky you are! It means you’ll live on the cushion!

    Also Ukrainian people believe that a happily married woman should put the earrings on the bride to bring her happiness in future life. If a couple want to be happy and to decide everything together, it’s better when the groom carries his wife in his arms into their flat. There is a token that a newlywed who enters the flat first is the head of the family!

    Are you invited to a wedding party and going to buy a present for Mr. and Mrs.? Don’t buy any joiner’s kits with forks and knives. It will help to avoid quarrelling in the family.

    There are also some funny tokens! For example, people say if the groom steps into the puddle in the yard of bride’s house, she will live with alcanaut.

    Another funny token is that newlyweds should sit at the table on the fur coat which is turned inside out. On the wedding guests give the couple coins and they should save them for the rest of the life, because it can bring them prosperity. These coins should be kept under the tablecloth.

    The bridal veiling should be kept at home after the wedding. It can help to cure an ill child. But of course the child must be examined by the doctor!

    To believe or not to believe it’s your own choice! But it’s interesting to know which tokens exist in this culture. If you really love Ukrainian girl, she will be surprised to find out that you know much about her country, amazing Ukraine!