Fashionable Enemies

  • There are a lot of people in the world who adore fashion and fashionable things. It may be clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, glasses or sunglasses, hats and other. Men and women from Eastern Europe like stylish things because they believe they can make them look better. Sometimes it is really so. But not always. Choosing some new clothing? Be sure you have found a good thing.


    As a lot of modern scientists and doctors say there are things which are not good for our health despite the fact that we like them and think they are very comfortable or make us heavenly beautiful, sexy, smart…


    It is known long ago that beloved by lots of men and women jeans are not so good for our health. But it doesn’t touch upon the jeans which are really comfortable. So for example skinny jeans influence our body bad. Some narrow jeans compress the women body so strong so that they can cause some interference with blood flow! It means your dream woman from Russia, Ukraine or another East European country won’t want to have sex with you. It causes problems with fathering a child as well. Do you want to have such problems? If your answer is no, take care of your woman you have found through a dating agency and don’t let her harm her body.


    The next fashionable enemy for beautiful hot girls is clothing called jeggings. They are comfortable, fit close, make all women more attractive. But they can cause gynecological disorders. If you don’t want to visit your doctor each two weeks, forget about such clothes! Choose nice flared trousers. You’ll look and feel better! By the way some designers have definitely designed a lot of versatile looks with such trousers.


    High heels are a real fashionable enemy and a real tool for torture! Of course there a lot of girls and women from Eastern Europe who just adore this kind of shoes. They believe they help them to look better and to attract men. Despite the fact lots of designers from all over the world create high heel shoes, no costume designers advise to wear them. It is because high heels change your feet and make your body to be in uncomfortable position. They are the source of pain and discomfort.


    Some women in Eastern Europe prefer high heels because they make them higher than they actually are. Doctors say you should buy ballerinas, espadrilles or even flatform. You’ll be higher and fell much better and more comfortable. Dream women from Ukraine, Russia and other countries from Eastern Europe look brilliant not only due to the shoes. They are charming, smart, beautiful because of their nature. Try to explain it to your fiancée and present her a pair of comfortable shoes.


    Women often use enormous bags. Yes, their bags are huge, heave and very spacious. Women say they are comfortable and they can put there everything they need. But such commodious bags just make your sweet girl to waste her time looking for her keys, mobile phone or a small mirror in it. By the way despite of the fact this accessory is very stylish, a lot of designer prefer small clutches in their collections. They are much smaller and look better. Don’t forget your beloved woman will have problems with her back and arms because of a commodious bag! Present your lady from Russia or Ukraine a nice small bag in order her to be healthy all the time!