Education in Ukraine - 1

  • When a man wants to find his dream single woman from Easter Europe, he wants to know as much as possible about her country to understand her way of thinking, her chances to be happy in new life with him in his country. Today people know not much about Ukraine. The facts they know touch upon politics or sometimes sports (thanks to brothers Klichko).


    People and sweet girls Ukraine know that in the USA, Germany, Switzerland there are not many people who have higher education. In Ukraine this number is higher. But with time the government adopts laws which complicate getting the education for young people.


    The structure of education in Ukraine consists of preschool education, secondary education, alternative provision, college degree, higher education, graduate studies, doctoral degree, and higher doctorate.


    The first stage to getting higher education is a kindergarten. Children start visiting it from the age of 2-3 years old, sometimes 1,5 years old. If a child goes to the kindergarten at 1,5-2, they attend nursery, from the age of 3 they attend junior kindergarten class. Now parents can register their child in an electronic list of children who is going to the kindergarten from the day the child was born. Some years ago parents had to go to do it at Local Education Authority.


    Now preschool education is obligatory for all children from the age of 5. It means your child can stay at home until this age, but the last year before school you have to find a kindergarten and register your child there.


    Last reorganizations provide the changes of the age when children go to school. Some years ago this age was 7 years, but now children have to start their school education at 6. It’s difficult for them because the lessons at school are strict and the adaptation period can be really long. In Ukraine parents pay the entry cost. It’s not officially. It’s called a donation but the matter of the fact is, it’s obligatory. And the amount of money is really high (2000-3000 UAH), especially when knowing that the average salary in Ukraine is also about 2000 UAH per month. Also parents pay monthly different sums of money (it depends on the kindergarten) for buying abstergents, paper, and other needs of children in the classes. It may be even furniture and plants.


    The same thing happens at school. But first you have to know that schools in Ukraine are divided into 2 types: usual schools and schools of new type. As the secondary education in Ukraine is obligatory, children must attend schools. Traditionally they attend usual schools according to their place of residence. But if parents want their children to attend a better school = a school of new type, they have to register their future pupils to pre-entry courses. At the end of theses courses children have an interview with a psychologist and a teacher.


    Sometimes schools of new type have some special demands. For example, if a child wants to study there, they have to attend a School of Art as well. In this case there are some additional interviews to enter an Art School. It’s really difficult. Parents pay an entry donation. It’s much higher than in the kindergarten. And they pay monthly donations as well.


    Higher education is today different than some years ago. All the pupils have to pass National Testing. All they at the same day have exams on Ukrainian language. It’s obligatory. Another obligatory exam is either History of Ukraine or Math. This National Testing is lead during the academic year. Traditionally during April and May. By the way the academic year starts on the 1st of September and ends at last days of May. Each year this day may vary.


    Based on National Testing results pupils get points. Then they send these results with their certificate to the Universities they want to enter. Universities choose the pupils with the best results and enroll them at the University. Before sending their papers pupils have to decide, whether they will study on prepaid basis or have free education. It’s very important. By the way, higher education is not obligatory.