How to Surprise a Girl

  • You found a dream girl on the marriage website Eastern Europe… After long months of writing the letters met her and took her to your country. From the very beginning of your relations it was a bit hard because she knew the language badly and everything around her was new for her. But now your life with your sweet lady from Russia or Ukraine is just perfect. And you want to surprise her every day!


    How can you do this? It’s easy and some tricks will help you! Some ideas need money, but there are a lot of them without spending any cent! And at this part you should remember that a surprise is something your Russian girl doesn’t expect. For example a bunch of flowers to her birthday or the 14th of February or to the All Women’s Day is really expected. So it won’t be a surprise.


    Present her flowers at a usual day. Your sweet Ukrainian partner will be shocked when she sees a nice bunch in the morning next to her on the pillow. Another more unusual way to give her flowers is to put them into the handle of the door. It will be amazing for her to feel that you care of her!


    A great astonishment for your dream Ukrainian girl will be your nice words and your compliments. Trust us! Tell her nice things all the time and she will feel like a queen.


    Surprise her with the place for your date. Think much and find a place that is very unusual but absolutely matching the date. Maybe you have heard about such places or even went there with another girl (but don’t tell it to your partner Easter Europe). The most important thing about such a meeting is not to tell your Polish girl who you met on the dating portal where you are going. Ideal choice is a beautiful lake, a bank of the river, a place near the swimming pool where there are no other visitors and so on.


    By the way you could notice the reaction of the dream woman when you take her not to a restaurant but to a river bank! If the reaction is nice, it means your girl Eastern Europe likes you and not your money.


    Another way to make her a surprisingly present is a startling gift: a souvenir. Girls like to call their boy friends or husbands with endearing words: honey, sweetheart and others. Find a thing connected with it. For example an artificial hand made cask of honey. And tell your Ukrainian girl friend you give her yourself her to think always about you! It’s an amazing idea which makes happy every young lady from Eastern Europe.


    If you don’t have much money or want to save them, try to surprise your sweet Russian girl with your words, answers and questions. All boys ask always the same questions when they have a date with Ukrainian women. Differ from the crowd! Think of a list of unusual questions. It will be shocking for the girl but interesting. And think of some unusual answers. Girls remember not the gifts, but their emotions and unusual guys they meet in their life! But of course you should tell her the truth. Don’t lie.


    If you can work with computer programs and can make a site for her, gather the pictures of her and pictures where you are together and create a website, give her the address and enjoy her reaction!


    These tips are not difficult. Just use your fantasy and you can easily come up with other romantic or funny surprising ideas!