Summer Time With Your Girl Friend

  • It’s summer time! It’s time to have fun, to enjoy life and to spend every day usefully. Have you already met your dream girl from Eastern Europe? Great! If you are going to invite your sweet lady to you and are looking for some nice idea how to spend these hot summer days with her, we are glad to help you! Single women Ukraine, Russia, Poland dream about a man who can surprise them and present them some unforgettable memories about summer or another season of the year. Let’s start your hot summer!


    Ukrainian girls will be surprised and thankful to you, if you prepare picnic for both of you. It will be great. By the way, this idea is nice for knowing your dream girl better. You will have fun, enjoy the food, communication with your girl friend, the nature and pleasant thoughts about your future!


    Another suggestion is to create your seasonal photo album. Of course if you feel this is the right person for you and you want these memories to keep for ages (your first summer spent together), use this clue. Make pictures with her, with places where you have been and felt happy, make pictures with both of you! Keep funny, romantic or unusual photos in your album. You could use it later, at Valentine’s Day, for example, or when you decide to propose her!


    What is one of the most usual and even obligatory things every summer? Yes! Swimming in the sea or swimming pool. But this time your swimming is going to be a special one! Why? Because you will do it with your Russian girl friend! Go in the evening to a lake or a river with her. Try not to plan it, just feel it’s the high time for doing it together. What could be more romantic and memorable??? She won’t forget it.


    Are you staying indoors this hot summer day and starting to feel bored? Even with your girl friend from Poland? We’ve got a better idea for you! Write something interesting or funny. Think of all your experience together, your feelings and create a short poem: about This-Summer-For-Two or How-To-Fall-In-Love-This-Summer!


    Why not going on a hike? By the way, if there are only two people who are going to take part in this event (you and her), it’s a perfect way to see how she behaves in any unusual situations. But don’t play a bear for her when she’s in the tent!


    Some men feel uncomfortable when they have to dance. Summer with your sweet lady is the time to learn dancing! Stay at home, find some perfect tracks and dance! You will see her dancing… She will teach you. Are you ready to this challenge and new experience? Don’t forget, you are going to laugh a lot as well. So dancing is an amazing way to lift your mood!


    If you want to create something special with her, try to start with a blog, where you both will write your thoughts, feelings, add photos.


    Staying at home is not bad, but your girl friend from Eastern Europe would like for sure to go to a party. If you don’t want to go somewhere, call your friends, play music loud, bring some snacks and enjoy in your own house!


    Learning foreign languages may bring you lots of positive emotions. Choose a day when you learn some words and phrases from the language of your dream woman and she learns something new from your language. It’s better to choose something romantic, connected with love and feelings… If you want, you may choose a language that is new for you both: Greek, Chinese, Spanish etc.


    Are you planning a nature trip with your sweet girl Ukraine? Gather some wild flowers and present her. It’s so sweet! She will love this moment, this place and of course she will think you are the best man on Earth!