Men and Women: Differences

  • There are people who say that men and women come from different planets. It is of course not the simple truth, but you can easily find some differences between ladies and gentlemen on this Earth. We will not tell you a lot about some psychological special aspects. But it will be interesting for you to find out which special aspects there are in the behaviour of the daughters of Eve and the stronger sex!


    The first thing the men and the women do not identical, is getting undressed! Men start getting undressed from the back with their hands behind it. But women prefer to cross their hands in front of the body and to put up their clothes from the lap. Boys are able to use both of the ways to get undressed, but girls use only one. And the cause they do it in this way is not they were taught so, but because their clothes is tight fit. They just can’t get undressed like men do that.


    If you ask a man to show his hands open, he will show you his palms. But girls usually show their dorsum of the hands! May be they want to show you their manicure and to impress you with it.


    The daughters of Eve and the stronger sex throw a ball different as well. Men do it behind-the-neck, but women often get the ball in their hands throw it from the bottom upwards.


    You may be surprised, but ladies and gentlemen hear sounds different. It is well known that girls hear better than boys and they differentiate high frequencies perfect! The brain of a woman is programmed to hear child’s crying. But most part of men doesn’t hear anything at night. They just sleep. If somewhere a kitten is mewing, the girl will hear it before the boy. But the stronger sex defines the direction of the sound and orient themselves in the space better. The man will tell you where the kitten is right now!


    The daughters of Eve and the men sit different. The girls have not the same clothes as men do. This is the cause number one. But another cause is that men with their sitting position show their manhood and position of bromosexual.


    Men don’t confuse the right and the left, because they use either the right or the left cerebral hemi sphere. But if you ask a girl which hand is left, you will not have a momentary answer. They will show at their wedding ring or think with which hand they write. That is why all the men of the world get angry at ladies at their possibility to say: “here you should turn left”, while they mean “right”.


    Men see clear before them far ahead. You can compare the eyes of the stronger sex with binocular! It is called tunnel vision, the vision of hunter, that helps him to find and catch the meat. Girls have peripheral vision. It is connected with the fact they have to see the space around them to control children and to register the danger. That is why men sometimes feel like someone has joked at them. Boys even say that girls hide their things from them.


    Such a specification has an important after effect. Ladies don’t cause crashes connected to angle collision at multi-level junction, but they can easily graze a set-back while parallel parking because they don’t feel the space well.


     Women understand feelings of other people better than men do. When a girl comes to a room where there are unknown people, she can easily notice “who is who”: who has a repationship, who is in a good mood and so on… A man enters the room and looks for all the entrances and exits, friends, familiar faces and faces of enemies. At the same time he notices what should be repaired or renewed in this room: a lamp or a window. That is the reason the man doesn’t understand the woman is miff with him unless she says it to him.