What Your Picture Tells About You

  • A picture… A lot of people don’t attach significance to it. They just make photos and download them to their pages on social media or marriage agencies, international dating portals. There are a lot of people, who think, it’s not important what kind of pictures they have and share with others. But it is really of a big importance. And now you are going to find out why!


    Try to play a game: some people bring their pictures and you choose one. According to it, try to describe a person in the photo. And you will see, that your attention to details will tell you much about the dream girl from Ukraine, Russia or Poland. For example, if you see a young lady with flowers in a red dress, the colour of her clothes will tell you, she is active and wants to have a life full of adventures.


    Often you could see photos where it tells something another than the person in it wanted to say/to show. That’s why try to send to international dating services Eastern Europe only your new pictures. Do not use your picture from the passport.


    It may be surprising for you but people get information during the communication mostly not of the words (only 20 t0 30 percent). 70 to 80 percent of information men and women get from gesture, movements, pose, the quality of a voice, tempo of speech and flavour. All this information is easy come to understanding on the subconscious level. We don’t analyze this information, but we get some formed relation to a partner, we get some impressions of the communication.


    It is easy to see the mood of a person in a picture according to their gesture, movements, pose. Pics made by professional photographers are often well done and show the actual mood and feelings of the person. But it happens not always.


    If you see a picture where a person is nibbling the lips, it means the excitement or nervousness. Be attentive to eyes of the woman from the dating site. If she is looking at you with squinty eyes from the photo, it may mean circumspection. Bring to notice the pose of the body. The body can’t lie.


    Personal appearance of the person in the picture is really important. Note if the dream girl chooses the trendy clothes. It means she wants to have the attention of the people around. It is important to her what the people, friends and family say about her. She wants to give a good account of herself. Such women from Russia, Ukraine and Poland like to make an impression but it doesn’t always correspond to their inner world.


    A hairdo will tell you if the girl Eastern Europe want to control everything in the life. The hair that is scraped back says she wants to be the leader. Unbuttoned clothes means the person is broadbrow, outer-directed. Does the girl have a big scarf or is she plaided? She is an introvert type… The colour of the clothes is meaningful as well. The red one is good for people who are passionate and energetic. Yellow fits women who are cheerful and active. Leave and grass green says about the development of the person, but the slough green means some standstill… The blue colour goes for constancy, firmness and strength. Black is for some transformation, crisis, negation. The white colour is for the beginning and renewal.