Sports in Ukraine

  • Sports in Ukraine was respected even in the time of Kiever Rus. In ancient times all the world knew that there were invincible bogatyrs in Kiever Rus, who thought their duty was to defend the people of their land and the motherland. Some centuries ago such a fame had Zaporozhye  Cossacks – brave defenders of the independent state.


    Ukraine was glorified by the strong men, the men of muscle, who were the afterlivers of glorious Cossacks. For example, the sportsman from the beginning of the 20th century Ivan Poddubniy comes from the family of Zaporozhye Cossacks. He was called as “Ivan the Iron”, “The champion of Champions” and “The Russian Bogatyr”. Another famous modern strong man Vasil Virastjuk has the handle to his name “The Strongest Man of the Earth”, he is also a multiple champion of the Earth for the combined heaving events.


    Ukraine is the state of sports and a healthy way of living. And that is not just a tribute to fashion, but the choice of every responsible person who wants to live healthy.


    From the school time children are being cultivated love of sports at the physical training lessons. The most talented children have a great possibility to be engaged in sports activities as a main occupation of their lives. They can succeed in life and build a career, if they connect their life with sports.


    Like in the most part of countries, one of the seats of honour in Ukrainian sports has football. This is the most popular game among children, teenagers and grown-ups. Football develops very active and is being encouraged by the state. Ukrainian football clubs and the national team present the reputation of the country at the high level.  The fame of brave Ukrainian football players like Andrey Shevchenko, Oleg Blokhin, Andrey Voronin and others is well-known all over the world.


    The Ukrainian basketball and hockey are popular as well. The sportspeople who are engaged in this kind of sport practice and work on themselves to achieve their best results.


    For example, rhythmic gymnast Anna Bessonova is the world all round champion in 2007, five-time champion of the world, three-time champion of Europe. In the list of her achievements there are a lot of different important handles to her name. everyone on the Earth has heard about the Ukrainian boxing thanks to two brothers Vladimir and Vitaliy Klichko. It is not a secret that they are meant to be some the best boxers on our planet. They always prove their top position and win often new championship strap.


    The victory of Vitaliy Klichko over Samuel Peter on the 11th October 2008 was the dream of the brothers, because they dreamt to be the champions of the world for boxing in heavyweight at the same time. For the bout against Samuel Peter Vitaliz Klichko got the premium of The World Sport Academy “Laureus” in the nominated category “The Come-back of the Year”.


    In 2011 the brothers Klichko got  “The Steiger Award” for their sport achievements. During a couple of years the Klichkos were the leaders in the list of the best boxers.


    Other Olympic kinds of sports are popular as well. For the fist time the national team took part in the Olympic games in 1994 in Lillehammer. From that time the Ukrainian team won 32 gold Olympic medals. In the list of national kinds of sports you can find Cossack straight fight, battle gopak and spas. These kinds of sports were developed exactly in Ukraine. People can see and enjoy them at some championships of the world for the martial arts.