Ukrainian genius children

  • Small geniuses are clever, resourceful and tend to do our life better and easier. Ukraine is a country, where there are a lot of geniuses who can create something really amazing! You may be surprised but not only grown-ups do incredible ingenious things. Children and teenagers are very good at creating some interesting and useful stuff!


    Sergey Lukyanov is a boy from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. His family consist of chemists. That is why everyone expected him to become a chemist in his future as well and to work with retorts and other stuff. But in his 8th form Sergey felt interested in physics. In its branch: optics. He studied, thought and then decided: it was enough of theory, he wanted to have more practice! And he invented a new innovative method of treatment for squint.


    You might be wondered: in which way is the physics connected to all this?  But it is really connected! The schoolboy researched the problem and developed the program within one year. But why did Sergey exactly want to work on the solving of this problem? Because it is actual and all the existing methods are boring. So Sergey thinks.


    Those days Sergey studied at school still. Now he is a student in his 3rd course year. He wanted to test his program. And where should he do it? At school! He thought that it would be more interesting for children to train their eyes with the help of 3D. He had created a special program with which the children had to work 2 to 3 minutes a day. If more children could abuse their eyesight.


    The treatment process is really easy. You just put on 3D glasses, start the program and with the help of the mouse overlay the red and blue figures against each other. For the children Sergey developed easy figures, for grown-ups more serious. People with squint see the world plain and the 3D effect and colours make it volumetric.


    The invented program Sergey tested at school. The tests were realized on the schoolchildren with the squint. In 5 weeks after the start the program showed the first results.


    Unfortunately the squint can’t be treated in full. But the effect is real and it is prominent. The boy from Kiev took a lot of prizes at different international Olympics. The Sergey’s invention was appraised by experienced ophthalmologists. And it may happen than soon Sergey’s program will be ordered for the children!


    Aleksey Shatokhin made some time ago a robot that can cut flowers or other plants in hard-to-reach place. It’s a perfect invention for biologists and researchers! The last invention of the young researcher is turning a tablet into a super computer. Firstly Aleksey added a memory unit for 2000 gigabyte to the tablet, then more USB outputs and at last a keyboard was added. All this stuff can be attached to the tablet with the help of case and just one wire. Aleksey got a lot of prixes for this invention!


    Andrey Senko is not just a schoolboy. He’s a real inventor and programmer. At the age of 15 years he created a new machine language: Ukrainian! Today everyone uses only the English language for programming, but Andrey decided, that Ukrainian patriots might want use their native language for communication, work and programming! The first version was created a couple years ago. Another version will be more convenient for technical workers and programmers.


    Another invention of Andrey and his team is a radio of new generation. Also he is working on a new program for students of his Lyceum which works with artificial brain!