Tasty Ukraine

  • The autumn is a bountiful time for gathering the seasonal harvest: aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, cabbages, carrots, onion and red beet. All these vegetables are a real vitamin bomb which can really load you with energy, make your days and warm at the cold dark days. In autumn people on the whole Earth commemorate two important days at once. They are commemorated on the 1st October. They are the Universal Day of Vegetarianism and the International Day of Veganist. The researchers say that every tenth person on Earth doesn’t eat any meat and this choice is realized. And this number is growing. On the 1st of October in some restaurants and cafes there are held different campaigns which make vegetarianism more popular.


    People who decide to refuse eating meat want to know how their life will change after such a decision. But doctors say that to strict vegetarianism is bad for our health, because we make our ration poorer and don’t get enough proteins, amino acids and vitamins. But we should remember that a ration of each vegetarian should be developed well and considered. It is also highly recommended to ask the doctor if you can become a vegetarian. In course of time the vegetarians start understanding what is better to eat instead of meat.


    Another way is to follow the national culinary traditions. Ukrainian cuisine is rich in delicious and well balanced vegetarian food. It makes the flavor palette richer and gives a person the feeling of satiety. Such food can replace the meat. It is connected with the church tradition. In Ukraine, for example, people keep a fast. It is a time, when people replace salo, meat and sausage with mushrooms, beans, cheese and lens. The value of the experience of the forefathers is that their recipes teach us what a vegetarian should eat in this district with its cold long winters, much rain, when our body needs challenging food. Here you will find some recipes of Ukrainian vegetarian dishes!


    Pumpkin soup


    Pumpkin 600 g

    Cream 100 g

    Sugar 2 table spoon

    Butter 10 g

    Meal 20 g

    Cinnamon 1 tea spoon


    Cooking method:

    1. Give a pumpkin a scrape, cut into not big cubes (2-3 cm). Stew on a small fire for about 20 minutes after boiling.
    2. Roast the meal on the butter until it is pink. It takes about 10 minutes.
    3. Get the pumpkin out of the water, add sugar and puree with a blender.
    4. Pout the cream until the mixture has the consistence of soup. Add roasted meal. Mix with a blender.
    5. Put the saucepan with the soup on the stove and bring the soup to a boil. Add cinnamon and some cream.
    6. Serve the soup with toasts.


    Vegetarian jelly


    Carrot 200 g

    Celery 200 g

    Pease 200 g

    Corn 200 g

    Gelatin 2 table spoons

    Lemon ½


    Cooking method:

    1. Cut celery and carrot into not big cubes. Cook the vegetables in the boiling water (4 glasses) for about 3 minutes. Filter the decoction, add the corn and the pease and cook for about 5 minutes.
    2. Take the vegetables out of the water and add there the lemon juice.
    3. Rehydrate the gelatin in the 100 g cold water, add the hot decoction into the gelatin and wait until solving.
    4. Add some decoction to the prepared form and put it into the fridge until gelation.
    5. Put vegetables on the jellied decoction and pour with the rest of the liquid and put into the fridge for a day.
    6. Serve with greenery.


    Lazy varenyky with papaver


    Papaver 3 table spoons

    Sugar 3 table spoons

    Quark 350 g

    Meal 3 table spoons


    Egg 1


    Cooking method:

    1. Mix quark with sugar and salt, add meal and mix the dough.
    2. Form the dough into the sausage and cut it into small pieces.
    3. Cook the pieces in the salted boiling water for 3-4 minutes.
    4. Serve varenyky with sour cream or jam.