Ukrainian churches that you have to visit there

  • The true gems of Ukraine are the holy temples - pattern of workmanship architecture, mosaics, icon painting. Your domes hold the secret thoughts of thousands of people for centuries. People came to pray and facilitate their hearts. Feel the power of miracle-working icons, enjoy architecture and painting - all that you can do in the most unusual churches, chapels of Ukraine.


    The Holy Trinity Cathedral


    The temple was founded in 1069 by Reverend Antony Pechersky, the Antony, who was involved in the grounds of one of the shrines of Ukraine - Kievo Pecherskaya Lavra. The wooden church was built in sacred pagan grove and served for two centuries. In 1239, she was fired by Tatar-Mongol people, but in 450 years, the Holy Trinity stone Cathedral was built.


    Here you can find the ancient caves from the 11th century with the length of 350 m. In underground vaults there is also the largest underground church in Ukraine,  Church of Theodosius Totemskij. It can contain 100 people. All the tours in Chernigov foresee a visit to the temple.


    The Chapel of Christ Image of Edessa


    The chapel was built according to the command of Emperor Aleksander of the Third near the station Borki, where the train with the whole family went off the rails. At that time, 68 people died, but with the Emperor and his family everything was fine. In 1894, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built there. And next to it, where the car has stopped with the imperial family, they built the chapel of Christ Image of Edessa. In the period of World War II, the cathedral and the chapel were destroyed. In 50 years the chapel was repaired and the Cathedral is still a ruin.


    The Cathedral of Peter and Paul


    The Catholic Church is located in the city of Lutsk, next to the famous Lutskiy Castle. It belonged to the Jesuit order and was built 375 years ago. The architect was Jacomo Briano. The Catholic Church of Apostles Peter and Paul burned a few times and was repaired again, so it looks today not like a few centuries ago. But the underground vaults of the main temple are real. A walk along the multilevel maze is an adventure! But be careful, because the legend says that a person can meet the ghost of 19-year-old Magdalena Rozhitska in underground vaults there. She was the wife of the commander of Lutsk then.


    The Svyato-Voskresenskiy Cathedral


    The cathedral is located in Sumy. This ancient cathedral is the oldest stone building in the city. The cathedral was built three centuries ago. The money for the construction had given the Colonel Gerasim Kondratyev and his son Andrey. The colonel is the founder of the city of Sumy. He ordered to build the family funeral in the cathedral building. But according to the legend, not all of his relatives were buried there. The cathedral witnessed two wars, was restored in the 70s. It is located on the Independence Square.


    The Nikolaev Cathedral


    One calls this Cathedral in Chernivtsi “drunk”, because the domes are twisted. But in fact it is not unusual. In Romania, nearly all churches were built in such a style. But for the Ukrainians the style Neorominesk is whimsical. It is also interesting that the cathedral was built in 1930, in the days when the government destroyed the churches, chapels and cathedrals in the Soviet Union. How could it be possible? The answer is simple. In 1930-40-ies Bukovina was part of Romania. This country has given Ukraine such a wonderful cathedral.


    The Holy Triniti Cathedral


    This cathedral is located in the Dnieper area, in the town of Novomoskovsk. The small town is located 27 km from Dnepr. One of the most famous Ukrainian writers wrote about this cathedral a great work. The uniqueness of this cathedral is that it was built without nails and has nine domes. The construction was finished in 1778. It is also interesting to note that you can always see eight of nine domes, from any location.