Welcome to Ukraine!

  • Ukraine ... This country is really beautiful, wonderful, even dreamlike ... If you visited the Ukraine again, he wants to go there again. Ukraine is quite large. And a journey is hardly enough for all the interesting places to visit. You are in all parts of Ukraine: in the south, the west, the north, east and center.


    If you are planning a trip to Ukraine, do not try to see all the cultural and historical places at once. That's really hard. It is recommended to visit some places or cities during a long-term journey.


    Is it interesting for you which locations and which Ukraine has for the beauty? Then enjoy reading and find the next destination for a holiday in the Ukraine!


    The team of Ukrainian side traveled 16,000 km across the country in search of new cities and impressions. Here is a list of interesting places in the Ukraine, you probably visit once. Have fun!


    1. Bakota


    Bakota is a symbolic place. First, it has a unique microclimate: rocks and woods on the coast to protect from cold winds, as a result, the heat stored in the same manner as in Yalta. On this occasion, the residents affectionately call Bakota "Our Crimea". Second, there was a male rock monastery here already in 1362, founded by Elder Anthony - the Anthony, to whom we owe the appearance of Kiev Lavra.


    2. Biruchiy


    Who could imagine that there are places in the Ukraine showing the cartoon about Bambi? In the Azov-Siwash- reserve there are many, very many deer: swift of foot, wonderful, with a good stature and a vulnerable soul.



    3. Kolochava


    Kolochava is one of the longest villages in Ukraine and it stretches over 40 kilometers. There are ten museums, and each of them is more interesting than the Verherige, including the rarity of narrow-gauge railway. Incidentally, you can here still encounter a small amount of tourists. But the main advantage of the resort's friendly people and magnificent mountains.


    4. Cahul


    Belief that there are Cahul, you can only stand on its banks. The vast surface of the lake, where the graceful white fluffy clouds floating, and around you can enjoy the canyons, hills, meadows with grasses, birds' nests in limestone mountains.



    5. Akhtyrka


    In two and a half hours from the capital by car, there is a pine paradise, more accurate to say a coniferous forest and near the river flows. Near Akhtyrka there are many modern recreational facilities with wooden houses, stairs that lead directly to the water.