Ukraine: Sumy

  • Ukraine is a beautiful country with an interesting history and fascinating culture. Looking for a woman from Ukraine? Then you might want to know about this beautiful country more! Is your dream girl from Sumy? Great! Today we will tell you about Sumy and make this wonderful city little closer!


    Sumy is a city in northeastern Ukraine. The number of inhabitants is 269 545 people. This is not a very large city of Ukraine, but very attractive.


    The town's name, which comes from the rivers Suma and Sumka which washed it from both sides. There is a legend to this day, which tells that on the place where Sumy is situated today today, were found hunting bags. This is reflected in the arms of the city, which was approved in 1781: three black bags with tape and gold buttons on the plate of a rectangular shape. There are several legends about the origin of the name of the city of Sumy.


    Here is one of them:


    In the mid-17th century in the northeast of modern Ukraine in a very picturesque area, with traces of many ancient Slavic settlements, but then completely abandoned, there was a city-fortress. Governor Arsenyev directed the construction of the fortress, Alexei Mikhailovich wrote to the Tsar: "... and the city, the emperor, Sumin was on the river Psel and at the mouth of the river Sumy and between small rivers Sumki and the small river, the Emperor, flows into the river Suma and the river Suma flows into the river Psel." The fortress was built by the Russian soldiers together with Ukrainian immigrants from the other side of the Dnieper, the townspeople were from the bailey and the surrounding settlements. The Legend of hunting bags was born among them, which gave the town its name. Three bags of gold were found in the oak forest, as a sign of blessing for the founding of the city.


    One way or another, but on the Banner of Sumy Cossack regiment, which dropped its roots from 1651, is the emblem in the form of three sacks, which was become the official emblem of the city in the 1781st


    Where people can go and what see in Sumy


    All local residents can simply respond to what are the compounds of tourists with Sumy, and you will probably hear a definitive answer immediately - the balconies. This is an amazing wooden pergola, built according to an individual project of Shavelev. The structure was built without nails and other metal fasteners. That's interesting that during the fierce battles for Ukraine, Altanka remained intact.


    The Holy Resurrection Temple is in the ranking of the sites of the city in second place. As historians say, it is the oldest stone building in Sumy. The cathedral was built in the 18th century to the Cossacks money of Atamans Kondratyevs. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is an architectural monument in the neoclassical style. The laying of the foundation stone of the temple took place in 1901. The project belongs to the architect Scholz. The structure combines elements of Neoclassical and Baroque, and is similar to the St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. The facade is decorated with majestic columns, unique jewelry. The Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral has golden domes, a 56 m high bell tower, sculptures of evangelists and apostles - that is a stately monument of architecture and history and is visible from all points of the city.


    Entertainment in Sumy


    For lovers of nightlife there are many bars, discos, billiards in Sumy. The nature and rural tourism fans are inspired with the Green Yard "Vakulina Bayka" - "The myth of Vakula". It is a picturesque place on the shore of the pond in the immediate vicinity of the forest. In tsarist times here came the famous people to improve their health. For example Chekhov loved to visit these places.


    Event tourism in Sumy


    Besides the amazing nature, amazing architectural monuments and art, Sumy is rich in cultural traditions. Thousands of tourists take part in numerous festivals and forums. Fans of organ music don’t miss the traditional festival "Organum". The young opts for Art Song Festival "Bulat". The theater lovers take part in great forum Chekhov Festival, where the audience sees the local and foreign artists.


    Historic architecture attracts tourists, the festival "The old fortress". Forum of historical reconstruction includes an extensive cultural program, including jousting tournaments, sport shooters, cavalry archers. In summary, it should be said that Sumy is the best option for the summer and spring vacation away from the bustle and pollution of the big cities.