Romantic Ukraine: Kiev

  • What information can be read in various sources over a country? Geographical location, neighbors, business, attractions. But if a man is planning a meeting with the woman in Ukraine, he should  have information on places of interest, so that he  could walk there with his wife. We would like to tell you a little about romantic places of Ukraine.


    Romantic Kiev


    1. House with Chimeras - street Bankova 10

    Try to look away from each other for some time and admire this impressive building. Amazing chimeras with views of the city are the protection of the lovers in the park. If you found a crocodile among the chimeras, you can come up with a wish!


    2. Loving pelicans - road Lutheranskaya, 7/10

    Once upon a time in Kiev: a pair of traveling pelicans flew into town. They loved the city, so that they asked a good magician to leave them there forever. And he turned the birds into the fountain - a symbol of eternal love ... The energetic of this place makes people excited!


    3. Yard of giraffes - street Vladimir, 73

    The giraffe can not speak well, instead of poems about love they intertwine their necks. And that is clear without words that these two - are in love ... When you visit them, remember the person to be cared for, with which one can not only talk about something, but also silence is good ...


    4. Cafe of lovers - Street Sagaidachnogo 31

    It's so nice to enjoy real chocolate along with the aroma of coffee. When you feel the gentle morning sun rays and understand that the best is starting in life now ...


    5. The balconies for two is located on the lower right corner of the St. Andrew's Church. Once, Kiev entrepreneurs Kokoriv fell in love ... And as a sign of his feelings, he built  charming balconies next to the St. Andrew church. These balconies retain to this day the power of romantic feelings from entrepreneurs. It is worth the trouble to go to these balconies to experience something extraordinary ...


    6. Fountain of wishes - Yard of Michael's Cathedral

    Think of a wish and come together to St. Michael's Cathedral. Look for an unusual fountain, which is also called the fountain of wishes. He really fulfilles wishes, come together to the fountain, press the kopecks and look into the eyes of each other, and think of a wish. If the kopeck sticks, the wish will be fulfilled.


    7. The hidden goal of Sofia - Georgievskiy street

    Do you think that you can enter Kyiv Sophia through just one gate? Gate Zaborowski - if you go round Sofia, you’ll find the hidden gate of Sofia. Under this arch, it is good to think what kind of a “gate” to open in the future. It is sometimes necessary to think together, isn’t it?


    8. Garden of nonmelting sculptures - Vladimir mountain, near the mountain railway

    You should visit the Garden of the sculptures in the evening. Look closely at one of the sculptures, which is dedicated to the first pair in the world - Adam and Eve. Holding hands, they dart a glance ... What are they looking at? Follow their views...


    9. Bridge of lovers - the western part of the Mariinsky park

    Every loving couple that was on this bridge, knows that at this location people have dizziness and the heart beats often ... But probably not the height is the reason for it?