Romantic Ukraine: Kharkov and Lviv

  • Romantic Lviv


    1.Balkon of lovers

    Come with an open heart, because it is a place which radiates love. Once the Polish king saw a charming girl on this balcony and fell in love with her...


    2. The Italian Yard

    They say that when you come here and don’t breath for a few seconds, you can hear the whispers of the lovers ... This yard is the creation of an Italian master of the 16th century and hid a long time the love of the Polish King Jan Sobieski and French girl Maria Kazmira.


    3. The Church of Bernardines

    Arrange a rendezvous here and check whether you are happy in love. Since the 17th century, the lovers have met under the clock in the church. Some might find that the "Bernardin" rushes for 5 minutes. And who does not realize this person is really happy, because the happy people do not notice time...


    4. Stryjskyj Park

    Do you know why Stryjskyj Park attracts traditionally lovers? Because the love lives at the heart of the park... It is symbolized by the white swans that live in the middle of the park on the lake. Look, maybe some of them are similar to you...


    5. Franz Liszt street

    Would you like to visit London without leaving the city? Once a resident of Lviv fell in love with a beautiful girl of London. But she loved her city very much... And then the lover repeated one of the streets of London in Lviv!


    6. Dominican Church

    How many colors light up the Dominican Church? Come here at night together and get the most vivid impressions ...


    7. The high castle

    In this location are connected magic power and military courage. And although military fortress disappeared, the Earth saves the inspiration of antiquity of Lysaya Mountain. Visit this place for the walk through mystical mysterious alleys ...


    8. Greek Gods around the Town Hall

    Do you want that your feelings bubble and never run dry? Ask the Greek gods who live in Lviv! Once the heart of the city - the market - was without water. And four Greek gods turned into a fountain, so the city got back the water ...




    Romantic Kharkov


    1. The Fountain "Mirror stream" is located in the Shevchenko Garden.

    I look at you, like into a mirror ... This fountain shows the lovers in the future. If you have seen your picture in a fountain stream, it means that you certainly fit each other great!


    2. Karpovskyy garden is a garden between streets Bolschaya Volodarskaya and Honcharovskaya.

    Going on a romantic walk? Then you should come here. Write one of the pages of your novel in Karpovskyy garden. It has observed for several centuries the beautiful stories of encounters and love ...


    3. "Stiklyashka" - street. Sumskaya, 60

    Here love is literally in the air! Here you will find an incredible number of meetings - up to 350 per day. And soon a stone will be laid, which will mark the center of love in Kharkov in the park near "Stiklyashky" ...


    4. Monument to lovers - street Pushkinskaya 48

    You can’t be without any feelings when you see this artwork. Start your romantic way here!


    5. Violinist on the roof - Pl. Konstituzii 20

    Do you want to hear the music of love? Once a student of the Faculty of Music fell in love. He risked his life to impress the girl, and played the melody of love on the roof. He still plays for her ... If you listen to his music, it means that your heart is open for feelings.


    6. Golden Wreath of Kharkiv - road Universitetska 4

    A Rendezvous behind the Uspenski Cathedral can be a challenge. The bell tower is from Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and it controls the punctuality. Do not come late to the meeting, as the bells of the cathedral will show whether you are on time.


    7. Terrace Park - behind St. Basil's Cathedral

    Looking for comfort together - come into the Terrace Park. It is located in the "magic triangle" - surrounded by three churches ... It is very comfortable.


    8. The Fountain "Cascade" is in Shevchenko garden.

    It will flash as the sun, like the eyes of a loved one. It shows the level of feelings you should get over in order to reach the summit. Only then the heart will be the source of true love ... Good Climbing!