Romantic Ukraine: Odessa und Dnepr

  • Romantic Odessa


    1. A Cup of love – Prokhorovsky Street 3

    Come here to reach maximum of the feelings, as once this cup was full with them. They say that love has created them - with the hands of an amorous master. The girl was struck in the heart ... Let the cup be always full of emotions!


    2. The thin House - Deribasovskaya Street 4

    Take a look at this house - it inspired by his story. Against the will of the parents two people were in love ... Angry parents decided that the couple would have no place in their hometown. But the lovers found a way out: on a meager piece of land they built their thin house and lived there happily ... Because love always finds a way.


    3. Source Insuren - Shevchenko Park

    From this source, you have a chance to drink real feelings. A girl Insuren came here to bring  some water to her beloved boy. And in this time he was killed by the  envious thieves. The heart of the girl could not stand - it turned to stone, and unfailing love flowed from the heart. The love that was meant only for her chosen one ...


    4. The bank under the willow - Park Ilicha

    A lonely girl was waiting for her lover and planted the weeping willows. The girl cried and prayed that the willow showed her lover his way. And once they met under this willow ... Since then, all the lovers meet on this place, so they never leave each other.


    5. The Vorontsov Altana - Primorskiy Boulevard, 8

    Visit Portal of the loyalty. Once the Ukrainian Penelope was waiting for her lover from shipping. People built an altana for her to be waiting for him, and every year they built another column as a sign that she was still faithful, waiting for the man...


    6. Lovers Bridge - Lanzheronovskaya Street 12

    All bridges connect the banks, and only a few - the heart ... Once this bridge helped a beauty of Odessa and a boy from Greece to find each other and to love. They loved each other passionately. Come here and see if you feel like your heart unite?


    7. Way-down of Kanhuna - Grecheskaya, 26-34

    Do you have enough tender words for your beloved people? Do you want to know? Then go up the stairs of love, lying in the way-down of Kanhuna. Every time you take a step, you tell each other words of love. It was  perfect, if have enough words for thousands of stairs! We wish that to you!


    8. The wall of the characters - street Preobrazhenskaya, 23, "Passage", the inner yard

    Do you want to know how your favorite person perceives you? About that the Wall of Character tells you. Ask your partner to show a character that best suits you. On closer inspection, you see yourself through the eyes of another person ...


    9. Music Fountain - Garden City

    The feelings break out of you as a fountain? Then you come to think of a wish! Stay with your back facing the fountain and throw a kopeck. It will play a romantic light and music for you ...


    Romantic Dnepr


    1. Balcony of desires - street Karl Marx, 99

    From this balcony the lovers think their desires. All this started from the fact that here the wish of the greatest poet Alexander Pushkin was fulfilled - on the balcony, he saw the girl, in which he fell in love ... standing under the balcony you think your own desires - if they are only about love!


    2. Tram of meetings - Lenina Avenue, 11

    Back in the 19th century, the young people knew each other in the salon of the tram.... And by that time it so happend that people met their love here. We recommend to agree a meeting here!


    3. Moonstone - brochure of Karl Marx, 53

    If the stone is lit by the moonlight, he gives his power to the amorous couple touching him ... But that should be done with an honest heart.


    4. Abbey Bridge - Lenin dam in the park Shevchenko

    Go over the bridge, and remember all the good that you have, because that is a bridge between past and future. The Grand Duchess Olga met unexpectedly here the love of her youth, and it had inspired her to great things ...


    5. The musical fountain is located near the Opera House in the city's municipal park Globa

    Visit the concert by the musical fountain - and possibly water music will give you a key for the beloved heart ...


    6. The park bridge - City Garden of Globa

    Legend says that when the lovers discord a little from something, this bridge will be able to join them! So, as the shore of the lake. It is said that, once it was a couple that was separated with the water from each other by a wicked witch ... And the bridge connected the pair back ...


    7. Boulevard love - Lenin embankment, 39

    Look in the fountain on the boulevard, when you can say correctly three times the direction from which side water flows , you can think wishes! But remember: it is better to think the desire together ...


    8. Monument to Youth of Dnieper - Lenin Square near the coast, 33

    Ukrainian girls have long been carried out on the Dnieper ceremony - wove wreaths and threw them into the water against the fate ... Experienced people say that if you touched the wreaths, you had to meet his fate!


    9. Fountain of Cupid - in brochure of Karl Marx

    Would you like that the God of love beats in your heart? Walk through the avenue of love, go under the arrow of Amur. It is believed that Amor visited in his spare time the cities that respected him. And when he sees a decent pair, he gives them love ...