City of legends: Chernihiv

  • City of legends: Reasons to spend a day in winter in Chernihiv (Chernigov)


    The Ukrainian star of the north, Chernihiv is a city that is beautiful at any time of the year. But in winter Chernihiv turns into a snowy fairy tale. So you will find yourself in a cozy and incredibly atmospheric part of Ukraine, a trip in which will warm you even in the coldest day.


    Here you can spend a day, a weekend or even a winter holiday: the city will not disappoint you. And there are really a lot of occasions to visit Chernihiv in the winter.


    1. It is easy to get there: everything is close

    Are you a resident of the capital, or just come to visit Kiev? Shuttle buses are departing from the subway station "Lesnaya" almost every hour, arrive in Chernihiv in two hours. Do not miss the stop "Na Walu" - and here starts the fabulous Chernihiv! Of course you can take a bus at the station. Then you will also see one of the most beautiful stations of Ukraine.


    2. A cost-effective and practical recovery

    Chernihiv has one of the best places in the national cheap travelling. It is on the list of the cheapest cities in Ukraine. If you want to stay in the city a little longer, do not hesitate: the prices in the hotels are not too expensive.


    3. Food is incredibly delicious

    Chernihiv in winter opens gladly the doors of cafes, restaurants and other delicious places. Hot mulled wine, herbal teas, the famous pancakes and kitchen of Polissya will be interesting for all tourists who love good food. In the center, near the Red Square, you should visit "Varenichnaya" on Prospekt Mira. There is cooked a wide variety of dishes from Polissya.


    4. Feel the special atmosphere

    Snow covered Chernihiv is filled with a special atmosphere in the evening. Do not worry winter days are short! In the dark this place looks even more fabulous than in the day, because Chernihiv is well lit. Be sure to devote the extra time to the evening of visiting the Church of St. Catherine, where you will find a viewing platform. This is one of the most romantic places in Chernihiv. You should know that the evening service takes place at about 5 pm.


    5. Visit the oldest monuments of Kyiv Rus

    There are hidden treasures of the unique architecture of the Kiev Rus, which will tell you the history better than any textbook. The historical places and monuments of Chernihiv should be seen at least once in a lifetime.


    6. Travel to Siverschyna

    A trip to the ancient Chernihiv can be combined with a visit to the neighboring towns that once belonged to the ancient land of Seversk. Tours in Chernihiv allow even to realize a trip from Kiev for a day.


    7. Pilgrimage is wonderful here

    To Anthony Caves in Chernihiv, the pilgrims hurry from everywhere. Perhaps they are not so well known as the caves of Kiev cave monastery, but surely they are no less valuable, mysterious and exciting.


    8. Start a tradition of traveling

    Chernihiv is a wonderful place where you can start a new numeration of interesting and adventurous life. In fact, there are still a lot of places in Ukraine that you should visit. It is said that the trip is the only event that gives everyone more than it costs… Guaranteed!