To Speak or To Be Silent?

  • There are situations where you suddenly want to run from a conversation partner. Why? Because he speaks and can not stop. People can talk about different things: that this hairstyle is bad, about the impossibility to choose the perfect housekeeper, or TV shows they have seen during the week. Or try to give books to a person who does not have even the smallest interest to read them.


    If you are planning a meeting with a Ukrainian or Russian dream woman, think in advance what you are going to talk about. Obviously, we are all adult people, but sometimes we can spoil the whole situation with a few words. It is perfect if you feel good at the first date, but this article is for the people who feel unsure. We hope this information will help you to say nothing unnecessary.


    We all give sometimes unnecessary advice and tell the stories we believe are very useful. But not all of the conversation partners are interested in listening to them.


    Below there are the situations that should be carefully discussed. Or it would be advisable to try to say nothing and avoid such topics.


    - Never discuss the children with the mother. Even if you were asked for advice or opinion, it would be better to express your thoughts correctly. Say you understand that it is not easy for her. Every mother understands that she is a bad mother when she is told that the child is doing something wrong. If the child is guilty, the mother is guilty as well – she understands it in this way. This situation is really bad for the man who likes the Ukrainian girl.


    - Keep the joyful "wow" and certainly do not tell the long story of your life when a person is presented to you as a lawyer, a doctor, a writer or a psychologist. Such people prefer not to talk about their professions because they should hear too much questions or stories when people find out about their jobs. We are all human beings and do not always want to talk about our job matters.


    - Do not discuss the details of recent relationships with your current partner, and  do not compare them to the former. Obviously everyone has their past with the relationships. But it is enough to say that you had a partner and why you did not want a future with her. Do not tell the whole of your long story and compare the partner with the ex-partner.


    - If people ask whether  you have pictures from the holiday and ask you to show them, do not show them all the pictures, but 10 to 15. Yes, you can have a desire to tell all about your hobbies, but not today. You can simply tell the Ukrainian dream girl or Russian woman what you can do, and that should be very short, not for 4 hours!


    - Express your opinion, but without criticism. It can be genuinely objective and the conversation partner from Russia or Ukraine asks what you think ... The task of criticism is to help people to develop themselves, not to kill the desire to try something new. So, if you comment on something, first say something nice and then a little bad. In the situation when you say something bad first, then the good is not noticed.


    - The silence is gold - said the wise. This does not mean that you have to interrupt the speech and begin silence. The dumb dog and the chatterbox are two types of people with whom communication is very complicated. Just notice the reaction of your dream woman from Ukraine or Russia to your words. If she smiles and seems to be interested, all is well. But in case she sits and looks in another direction and does not seem to listen to you attentively, try to talk about something else.