Initiative in a Relation With a Slavic Woman

  • A relationship is like a rose, and no one knows if it is going to work forever. A stable relationship is the best support in the life of each person. The men and the women try to find their right partner. And if this does not work in their own country, you can register on  partner agency, partner exchange, partner search, surf  the dating portals, etc. Slavic women are very nice, child-loving, family-oriented. And a lot of men want such a partner.


    Who should take the initiative in a relationship? - this question has been of great interest in recent years. The doubts have almost all the men in the western countries, in which women prefer to be independent of men. So far this question has not arisen, the man was always the first to take the initiative to win a woman, the first step was expected from him: the first call, an invitation to a meeting, an explanation of his feelings, the marriage proposal. What has changed in Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe today?


    Yes, at least the woman is now very secure in her powers. This is either her lifestyle of today with its progress or the hopelessness of the situation when a man has a lot of passivity in decision-making.


    In any case, the Ukrainian dream women now have access to the areas that until recently were regarded as exclusively male, they have to or may be forced to take the responsibility of the both, and at the same time not to forget their sexuality. This is the reality of women in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus ...


    In the case when a dream partner from Ukraine takes the initiative in the work, it is worth the praise, but the initiator of the personal relationship must still be a man. So think the Slavic women, who can be found on the partner exchange, partner exchange, dating online or partner search.


    A man is a hunter and a breadwinner, the woman is the guardian of the herd, this statement is now rather theory than practice today. However, instincts of primordial human beings remain to a certain extent still today. The men still have to conquer the inaccessible women and feel like a hunter. When enthusiasm disappears, the desire often disappears, too.


    So who should take the first step: a man or a woman?


    Undoubtedly every Ukrainian woman, every Polish girl, every Russian single longs for love and wants to be loved. Her greatest desire is an intelligent, patient, reliable man who would support her at any time of need and always stay with her. A man must take the initiative in love and in life. This is the opinion of the dream partners Russia, Ukraine, Poland.


    The dream partner Eastern Europe is not looking for a man who is not active. None of the dream women wants a man who behaves as a little son, a man has to look after the woman as after his mother. A man must take the initiative and show serious intentions.


    Invitation to a beautiful, romantic restaurant is an ideal option to take the initiative.


    Twenty years ago, the Ukrainian woman could not take an initiative because it was regarded as a disgrace. But now it is quite normal, and if you like a person, it is easy to come and get acquainted. Today Ukrainian women believe that the man should be the initiator of the acquaintance  process.