Acquaintance with the Parents

  • Long communication through the partner agency, partner agency Ukraine, online dating service, partner exchange free of charge ... Finally a desired meeting in a real life with the charming dream partner from Ukraine ... Chemistry, a magical spark ... If you have already won the heart of the Ukrainian girl, Your dream woman, your relationship has moved to a new level. You probably think of the marriage. And the wedding is just around the corner in your mind. You have got the courage to make a marriage proposal to your Ukrainian dream partner and she has answered you: "Yes, I will marry you". You're lucky! The next important step is a meeting with the bride's parents in Ukraine. It is the time to prepare to meet their parents.


    As everyone knows, Ukraine is the country where the values ​​of family and traditions are valued and respected for a long time, so the traditional dinner with the parents of the bride can not be avoided. Therefore you should find a common language with the future parents of the bride from Ukraine. For your Ukrainian dream woman, it is very important that you get to know her parents and that her parents consent to her choice. A Ukrainian tradition is that the groom must ask for her hand of the parents of the Ukrainian girl. Perhaps Western men will regard this tradition as somewhat obsolete and no longer modern. But unfortunately (or fortunately?) we can not change the cultural tradition of the country.


    Parents in Ukraine are very worried about the future of their children (and even adult children). When a Ukrainian lady has found a husband and wants to marry him, her father is strictly referring to her choice and carefully examines her chosen one. Like every father in the world, he wants only the best to his daughter. If the Ukrainian dream woman wants to marry a foreigner, her father will be even more worried because the bridegroom comes from another country.


    The parents of the Ukrainian bride want their daughter to live in love and care. It is very important for them that her future husband cares more about her than her own parents and supports her. In the future you will also be a father, and only want the best for your daughter.


    It is important to make a good first impression on the parents of your future bride. Do everything possible and impossible that her parents to be sure their daughter is in good hands. Tell them a little about yourself: career, future plans, hobbies and your family.


    Be open, respect her parents, behave like a true gentleman. Your openness and care can dispel the whole excitement. Come to the house of your future wife from Ukraine, do not forget to give her mother flowers or a bottle of wine. This can also be something sweet. Ask your Ukrainian dream woman, what to bring to the parents. This should only be a small gift. She knows better what her parents prefer. If your bride has a sister or brother, you can also prepare a modest gift for the brother or sister. To win the heart of the Ukrainian dream partner, you should try to make all members of their family happy. If you are already familiar with their parents, you feel like a member of their family. Your parents will love and respect you and call you as their son.


    This is important for a happy future of your family. We wish you all the best and good luck with the first acquaintance with the Ukrainian parents of your dream woman.