The Marriage and The Difference in the Age

  • Love is a wonderful feeling, but that is also a secret. And every man in the world wants to know this secret. But this is not easy, since people do not know what is most important for a partnership: height, weight, psychological insufficiency, age or star sign? Let us now talk about a difference of age.


    Should there be a difference in the age in the marriage?


    A large number of people think that marriages with a high age difference will be unhappy. It is said that a man from the West and a dream partner from Eastern Europe have different perspectives, their interests are too different. This means that they have nothing in common. There is the opinion that the ideal age difference is 1 to 5 years. The difference with the Ukrainian dream woman from 5 to 10 years is also good, but not so beautiful. And the partnerships with Slavic women, where the age difference is more than 10 years, are by no means happy. However, many scientists claim that marriages with dream partners from Russia can be happy if the difference is between 15 and 16 years.


    But there is an opinion that there is no happy marriages with a dream woman from Eastern Europe, where there is no age difference. Since such couples will all the time try to figure out who is in the family's upper, and the husband and the Slavic dream partner will develop interfering with each other. So say psychologists and a large number of people who were asked about the stuff. Of course, there are spouses of the same age who live very happy, but it is more of an exception. Most of these partnerships are very complicated and only patience and desire to understand the partner, can hold the family together.


    On this basis, we can conclude that a normal, small age difference should be between the man from the West and the Russian dream woman. But what if a spouse is much older than the other?


    Marriage of love with a great age difference


    Families, in which the man is much older than his wife, always cause public rejection. The Russian girl is lamented that she wants to be rich at the expense of a rich old man. Psychologists are not so categorical and explain the desire of the Slavic women who want to marry a man much older, because they want to find advice and support in life. And their predictions for life in such a marriage are not so gloomy. Happiness is possible if the spouses can agree on the following possible differences:


    - differences in interests and preferences;

    - even the strongest person can have their weaknesses, so in love with the ideal partner, one can be disappointed;

    - the difference between sexual needs.


    Even more worried are the partnerships with a difference in the age at which the Slavic dream woman is older than her husband. And often it is the public condemnation that destroys the marriages that could be happy. Another reason for the disintegration of such marriages is the lack of respect of the dream partner from Eastern Europe to their younger partners. In addition, the ladies often have mother's feelings to their young husbands, in this case the marriage brings nothing but disappointment.


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