Famous People With Ukrainian Origins

  • It’s a pity but people in the world don’t know much about Ukraine. They sometimes know that in this country people drink too much and eat borsch with salo. Ukraine is a country famous for a wide variety of machines, scientific inventions. Ukraine is a motherland for many famous people and even stars who are well-known in the world.


    It’s not yet a surprise to anyone that a famous model and actress Milla Jovovich comes from Ukraine. She lived in Kiev until she was 5. Then her family left for the USA. Now Milla thinks that her Ukrainian origins gave her enough power to become so much famous. By the way, Milla’s mother was an actress, too.


    Olga Kurylenko is another star, who is well-known in the world. This girl was born in Berdyansk, a small town at the sea. She worked as a model in lots of countries and now she’s also a high-paid actress. She was a girl of Bond, James Bond. Olga’s family live now in her home town. A mayor of Berdyansk had an idea to name one of the streets in honour of this Ukrainian girl, who charmed the whole world.


    Did you know that Steven Spielberg had relatives in Ukraine? One his grandfather came from Odessa and another one from a small Ukrainian village. Spielberg knows his origins and is proud to be a person who is Ukrainian in one small part. By the way, in his family one of the most favourite dishes is borsch!


    Kirk Douglas, the father of Michael Douglas, comes from Odessa, too. His real Ukrainian name was Issur Danilovich Demskiy. Then he went to the USA, where he became a very popular actor, who starred in more than 90 films!


    The name of Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone’s great grandma was Rosa Rabinovich and she was from… yes! From Odessa! Sylvester know pretty well that he is Ukrainian in one part of him. Maybe it was the reason he was in a commercial advertising vodka.


    The first eight years of her childhood she spent in Ukraine, in Chernovtsy. Her name is Mila Kunis. Her full name is Milena, it’s very popular today. In 1991 Mila’s family moved to Los-Angeles.


    This person got his Oscar at last. He longed to it so many years and at last! – this year he won his prize. Leonardo DiCaprio has a grandmother who went to the USA from Germany. But firstly she left Ukraine, Odessa for Germany. In the USA she met a man who was Leo’s grandfather, but he left Leo’s grandmother when his mother was born… But this is a happy end story! Leonardo is famous, rich and one of the most desired man in the world!


    Everyone knows Dustin Hoffman. But do you know that Dustin’s parents lived in Kiev? After execution by a firing squad of the grandparents all the family moved to the USA. According to some reports his forefathers came from the Zaporozhian Sich.


    Gwyneth Paltrow has never lived in Ukraine and her parents as well. But her forefathers had the last name Paltrowich! Winona Ryder dreams to make a film about her Ukrainian relatives, because her forefathers came from Kharkov, Ukraine. Their last name was Tomchins. Harrison Ford has Ukrainian origins, too, but he doesn’t like talking about it.


    David Duchovny is an actor who is really famous, especially among fans of “The X-Files”. He says that he is proud to have Ukrainian origins. And it makes happy lots of people who live in Ukraine and want their country to be well-known in the world.


    Jack Palance, Paul Masurskiy, Helen Mirren, Michael Dudikoff are people who has Slavic origins. This is not the full list, of course!


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