Marriage with a Foreigner

  • People are always looking for happiness. They try to find it in their native country. If it doesn’t work they search in other countries. There are so many singles in the world. Some reasons don’t let them get married in Germany or the United States of America. Very often a marriage with a foreigner is only one way they can find. Men look for Russian girls for marriage or ladies from Ukraine.


    Everything starts from writing letters through the marriage agency with single Russian women. One letter, another one… And once a man understands that he needs this woman, he wants to marry her, to have a family and to have children. When all the formal input is ok, you are a loving couple, a husband and a wife. Traditionally married people live in the country of the husband, because the conditions there are better. The husband gets enough money to pay for the apartment, food, vacation, clothes, medicine and other things.


    It seems that everything is ok, but there can arise some problems, which are called discrepancy of sets of mind. And then your wife will tell her friends that her life is happy, BUT she doesn’t understand your set of mind. It scares her and she doesn’t want to break your relations… What’s going on? - you think. You think different. That’s all. In her country people don’t count each cent. Russian girls just buy what they need. And when they live with a man who counts each dollar or cent, it makes them nervous!


    The discrepancy is often so strong that happy couples can’t avoid divorce! That’s just terrible. Men should know that it’s very difficult to start a new life (even with a beloved man) in a foreign country, where people speak unknown language. It’s difficult to learn the language, to find a job, to find friends… Of course, when a Russian girl registers her profile at a marriage site she understands that she will move to a new country. But very often expectation differs from the reality.


    You don’t want to lose your wife and want to make her happy? Be ready to negotiate all the troubles. Firstly, try to explain to her which traditions you have had in your family. And at the same time try to find out as much as you can about her family traditions. It will help you to understand each other better in future. Answer all the questions of your wife, explain, explain and explain again.


    Acquaint your wife with your friends. Let her see how it’s going in their families. She’ll understand that it’s not a problem of you, but it’s your set of mind! Another way to negotiate the discrepancy of minds is to play with opposites. Offer your wife to do the thing she hates together with you. For example, to compare the balance, to check the bank card and so on. It’s very useful!


    If you feel that a problem starts to fester, just turn your wife’s attention to new possibilities she has in your country. When people concentrate on the problems, they just don’t notice what they can get, how they can improve their life! It may be some interesting courses, study, sport centres, job or even nature!


    It will help your wife from eastern Europe not only stop concentrating on problems, but to find new friends and adjust to life in new country as well!