Some interesting facts about marriage

  • If you’re single and looking for  your dream husband or wife, you’ll find them earlier or later. Maybe you’ll search on a dating site or just meet your dream at a shopping center, but once you’ll definitely want to get married. It should be interesting for you to find out some interesting facts about marriage in different countries of the world!


    Are you a guest at a wedding ceremony in Japan? Be ready to cover your present in a special form, as a hand fan. In Hungary all the men and women of the village accompany the bride. First they come to her house and then follow her to the church or to the groom’s house. So if you get acquainted to a single girl from Eastern Europe be prepared to some traditions which will surprise you!


    You’ll feel all the troubles of women’s life if you get married to a woman from Kenya. It’s because all married men wear woman clothes during the first month after the big day! Ducks are on the wedding table in Korea, because they symbolize faithfulness. Do you want to understand if your fiancée from the wedding site is hardworking? Date and marry a girl from Finland. When a couple decides to legalize their relationship, the fiancée comes to fiancé’s house and during the week helps with the housework.


    There is a delicious tradition in Norway. At the end of the dinner the bride gives to every guest a piece of cheese. If the slices are nice, it means the young wife is a good mistress. At the Caribbean a single girl decides if she wants to marry a boy. He must stay in her house for one to six months, and be a “slave” there. If she likes how he behaves and helps, she’ll get married to a young man.


    The Danes believe that the best day for wedding ceremony is St. Valentine’s, because this day promises an everlasting love for the loving couple. Valentine’s Day is also a day when you can marry a woman from Ukraine or Russia, who you met at a marriage agency for singles.


    Vietnamese couples are lucky. They celebrate two weddings. The first one is prepared by groom’s parents and the second one by bride’s parents. In Belgium there is a tradition for fiancées. They have to stitch their names on a scarf on the eve of the ceremony and keep it to the next family wedding.


    Singles from Eastern Europe don’t have such a tradition as some first nations in the USA. The bride there has a dress with four colours. The black one is for the North, blue colour is for the South, the orange one is for the West and the white one is for the East. During the ceremony the couple stands with their faces to the East, because it symbolizes the beginning of the new life.


    In Morocco the bride should go round a new house three times before entering it. And before the wedding she has to take a milk bath! This might be very pleasant!