Acquaintance Through the Internet

  • An acquaintance through the internet is a real thing. Many people find each other with the help of this world wide system. Some researches from the Unites States of America decided to find out, if they can help people to find their significant others. The scientists understood they can give some useful counsels.


    If you’re looking for your dream single woman from Eastern Europe and want to register on a dating portal, some of these counsels could be helpful for you.


    The first thing you should know is about your time. Sometimes men get hundreds of letters from sweet girls from Russia or Ukraine. And they try to give each of them an answer. Psychologists say, you don’t have to waste your time. Don’t wait that the only one important girl from Eastern Europe will write to you any moment. No! Try to narrow your lady search. And first full all the fields in the register form, answer all questions in detail. And answer only the letters which correspond all your requests. For example age, place of birth, languages,


    Another advice is to trust your hunches. When you look through profiles you may think all of them are the same. But in fact it’s not so. A profile helps you to get the first impression about a dream girl from international marriage agency. All they may seem a bit alike. Actually, you don’t have to think all single women who registered on the dating portal are alike. Try to read their profiles and letters very carefully. Attempt to look deeper and to trust your hunches. Your feeling will tell you if a person could be interesting for you or not. It is easy!


    A very useful and important counsel is to hurry your first meeting. What does it mean? If you like a sweet girl from Ukraine or Russia and she says she likes you, don’t write letters each other for a long period of time. Have a date! Go to Ukraine, Russia or another country to meet your dream lady! The matter of the fact is that if you write letters for a long time, you build an image of a person who sits on the other side of the screen and writes letters to you. Often this image doesn’t correspond to the reality. It means, your chances to be disappointed within your first meeting grow very quickly. The sooner you will meet the girl the sooner you will understand if she can be your partner during your life.


    The next advice is to choose the correct place for your first date with your dream girl from Russia or other countries of Eastern Europe. Of course if you have never been to her country and her city, you would like to go sightseeing, to visit the places of interest. Be careful! If you visit a lot of museums, theatres, parks and so on, you won’t find out what kind of a person your sweet girl is. Try to choose a café or a restaurant where you can sit together all the time and to speak. Nothing should disturb you. Only in this way you can come to know your partner better.


    Of course it doesn’t mean you should just sit in a café, drink your coffee and talk. But let the first day be more relaxed than other days. When you have the first impression of a woman, you understand better or worse her way of thinking, only then you can think about visiting places of interest. Do it together. Ask her what she thinks about them, what she likes and notice if she says the truth. It means ask the same thing later with other words. Only so you will know if it’s the truth.


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  • Lyuda
    Lyuda Natalia, you write the right things! Yes, it's difficult to find the "right" person. And your advice will definitely help.
    May 20, 2016