The First Date

  • Living alone is boring. Everyone needs a person, who will love their partner, care of them. Of course each single man and woman wants to love to express their feelings, to go to sleep and to wake up with their partner, whom they can trust. Looking for a single lady from Eastern Europe and have registered on a dating portal? Great! It’s the first and very important step. Each marriage agency has a plenty of choices of ladies, who are really beautiful!


    If you have found your dream girl from Ukraine or Russia, it’s amazing. In this case, you know how beautiful and charming they are! But after writing-letters-period you will definitely want to meet your dream girl from Russia or Ukraine. Sometimes the first date is in the city or the country of your sweet lady Eastern Europe. But it may occur that you decide to meet in some neutral country, not yours and not hers to spend some time together as if you were on holiday.


    So how to prepare your first date to impress and amaze your single lady from Ukraine or Russia? Mostly men reserve a table in a good café or a restaurant. Some girls like such places for the first meeting. Of course, it’s a nice possibility to get to know each other. And the dream woman will be surprised if you present her flowers! Don’t forget to buy them.


    But such a date is a bit common, usual. Like other hundreds of dates each person has had in their life. What to do to make your dream girl happy? It’s the question! She will never forget a date with you if you use your imagination. Try to think of some unusual places and interesting stories, which are good for the date.


    It is hard to be indifferent and even cold, if your first date takes place in the sky! Yes, take her to travel with you a bit by hand glider or hot air balloon. Not sure she will like high height? The next idea is to go to a zoo. It’s a place where you can be only the two together in a crowded place. Sweet girls, single ladies and dream women from Eastern Europe like animals: big or small. It will make her heart gentle. In such a place it is very easy to understand what a person thinks, if she is real or just wants to get your money.


    A very romantic evening may be on the ship. Go with her on a holiday cruiser! This special air, mild waves, the shining sun… It’s just perfect for your first date! May be a dinner under the starry sky will be an ideal decision for you? Find an empty beach or go to the roof of the house. A small table with some delectables and some good wine or champagne… It’s a date of dreams!!!


    By the way, psychologists say that if you don’t go to a restaurant and prepare some simple but romantic event for tour girl, you will be able to understand what kind of person is your dream single girl and if she really likes you!


    This statement is based on the fact, that some women are “treasure hunters”. They want to find a rich man, get married and live with him only because of his money. In a situation you have prepared a romantic picnic you’ll understand if the girl likes such a date and if you should to have another appointment with her in future. But the most important is of course not the place but the person. Be yourself and enjoy every moment of your date with a girl from Russia or Ukraine!