• Dating services help thousands of people to find their happiness and love every year. To the letter almost every day you have a chance to meet your Russian or Ukrainian girl on some marriage agency website. But what happens when you have met each other and fallen in love? You want your dream lady to come to your country and to be your wife. Is it difficult?


    Adaptation is really very difficult. Researchers say that moving to a new country and starting life back to the drawing board is like death of your significant other, someone of your family! That’s why your sweet girl from Eastern Europe may seem to be depressed… Sometimes this feeling is so strong that Russian girls decide to go home even if they love their partners.


    What do you have to know to help your dream woman from Ukraine? First, you should know adaptation has some stages. The first stage is euphoric, when a person thinks everything is perfect around them. They don’t see any difficulties. The next stage is called tourist. It means your Ukrainian woman will go to every single place of interest to find out more about your country, culture, history, people, cuisine and so on.


    The orientational phase is time when you understand that your Polish partner or wife tries to understand politics, economy, bureaucratic mechanism of your country and to find new friends, to get some social connections. You may think that your finding a wife on the dating portal was very pleasant. You may think your Russian wife doesn’t have any depression. But! Here you’ll see stage number four.


    And it’s really depression. Here she will think of all the bad experience she has had at the new place. After depression comes enthusiasm. And it’s great! Your Polish partner will get reloaded power which helps her to find new job and friends, and of course to live with you happily years after years.


    So what can and should you do to help your girl-friend from Ukraine feel better? Try to explain her that people in your country really are different. The saw different movies in their childhood, they read different books, they had different holidays and sang different songs. But they feel upset when they have some problems at work; they worry about their children just like people in her country do.


    Try to make clear to your Ukrainian wife that she is able to do more than she thinks. She has to be open to everything new in your country to find herself among all these new people. If she’s open to new possibilities, she will bear down her limits, extend her self concept and possibilities for realization of her talents in new community.


    A thing of a great importance is to find together with her some resources of joy and power! Some hobbies of your wife from Eastern Europe will be impossible. For example, because of their high price. That’s why you should find some new hobbies for your Ukrainian dream lady. Enjoy this process! Just like you are two kids who are very curious.


    The last thing which could help you is to thank for something she has now, after she has moved to your country. You, clean air, nice landscapes, nice neighbours and friends – all these are the reasons to be thankful to the life!