Do you want to tune up your relations?

  • When you have met a dream girl on the dating portal, you write letters to her, meet her in the real life and marry her. In some time you may notice that your relations are not perfect. But it isn’t a reason for breaking with your sweet lady Eastern Europe. It isn’t so easy to find the perfect girl in Ukraine or Russia. Try to tune up your relations. Experts say it’s really easy! But you have to make effort both: you and she!


    Don’t think everything will be Ok from the very beginning when you’ve decided to tune up your relations. Of course some difficulties will be waiting for you. Let’s find out about the “What-The-Hell Effect”. It’s the most difficult challenge on your way of bettering your life with your dream girl friend from Russia or Poland.


    “What-The-Hell Effect” was discovered in 2010 by the group of scientists. They researched the behaviour of people who kept to a diet. The study was really interesting. The participants was offered to eat a piece of pizza and then to try some cookies. The catch was some participants thought they ate a bigger piece of pizza than they expected. As e result, people, who believed to eat more, ate more biscuits as well! “What-The-Hell Effect” is about this: when a person breaks their word, they fall into despair and think: “nothing has resulted, no dice, what the hell have I to try?”


    This effect works not only for the diet but for any behaviour and relations, where people need an effort of will. For example, you’ve decided not to serf in the Internet or not to leave dirty dishes in the sink, not to spend money for some trash. You’ve decided and you’ve broken your word… And here it appears, “What-The-Hell Effect”. You abuse, blame, come down on yourself. But at the same time you feel despair because you didn’t do what you wanted…


    The same thing happens to a married couple. They understand that only love is not enough for nice relations, they have a lot of problems, quarrels and scandals. All these make them sad, but scandals continue to happen. They decide to stop it from today. They want to solve all their problems without any quarrels. This peace continues for two weeks but suddenly something goes wrong and everything goes as it was: scandals, quarrels and problems.


    The husband and the wife think: we had no result of our efforts, what the hell do we have to make en effort in the future? Each of the married couple believes that all the future efforts are silly and ineffective. Their thoughts are: we have different tempers, we don’t match each other, we can’t be together. And they just break their relation. But they could be happy.


    But nothing terrible has happened. You can easily solve all the problems with your Ukrainian wife. You should know that new behaviour is not easy. Between your decision and the result there is a monumental task! You have to make an effort every day to have success and result.


    Some small failures are not a full breakdown. It’s a part of learning process. You decide no to quarrel with your wife. And you don’t do it for two weeks. Next time you will live in peace for three weeks. Even if you quarrel in a week, it’s a part of learning. It’s not easy to change your behavioral stereotypes. Think about it every time you have a small failure. Don’t forget that every change needs time. Work on your relations and solving of the problem. And you will win one day!