What do the Ukrainians today eat?

  • Each country has its national cuisine. It is very popular and people eat it with great pleasure. And of course there are people in every country, who prefer eating just dishes of national cuisine. But the world and our life are getting more international day after day, the world has today so few limits! Today you have a great possibility to try each cuisine of almost every country and to choose which of them is your favourite.



    It is really interesting that even in the countries which have worldwide famous cuisine (for its taste), people eat not only their national dishes, but try with pleasure the dishes of other countries’! Do you want to know what dishes are popular in Ukraine? What do people eat and order frequently in this country of the most beautiful women in the world? What should you expect when you come there? If it is interesting for you, read this article and you will easily find out, what kind of food people prefer in Ukraine. And what dishes are the most popular!



    There are such dishes that people want to eat every day. Do you want to know what eats your dream lady from Ukraine in the restaurant or the cafe? This article will be really interesting and fascinating! So, here you will find the TOP 5 List of the national cuisines that people in Ukraine order mostly and eat with pleasure!



    Number 5 is the Caucasian cuisine. Each person knows probably from the childhood, what a barbecue means. Picnics with parents, relatives, friends… The food after lessons at the university… The delicious bread – lavash can be filled with shashlik, salads, cheese, vegetables!..



    In Ukraine people order the Caucasian cuisine very often. 7% of all orders go for the Caucasian dishes. The most popular dish is not the shashlik or khachapuri, but the Ossetian pies! Thanks to the diversity of fillings and Oriental nature the Caucasian cuisine has the perfect chance to become a dignified opponent of Italian pizza.



    The Ukrainians choose mostly the pies with pork or beef. The greenery and the Caucasian spice help the Ukrainians to feel the taste of Caucasus. In Ukraine people eat with pleasure khachapuri, doner kebab as well. These dishes are popular enough.



    The 4th number is the European cuisine. The ratatouille, onion soup, branzino and paella with shrimps, dumplings with sausages and schnitzel… It is wonderful, but the cuisine that is so well known, is not the most popular! It doesn’t have any leading positions! People order not so many European dishes. Only ten percent of all orders go for this type of cuisine. Here we don’t mean Italian cuisine with its pizza or pasta. It is really interesting that the European cuisine has many dishes with meat and vegetables. But the Ukrainians prefer the dishes with vegetables. People order mostly salads, roasted vegetables, cheese sticks and chicken wings.



    The number 3 is the Thai cuisine. These noodles in the boxes are sp tasty! People like the Thai cuisine because they don’t need any plates and spoons or forks. In the order every one gets all the necessary: the box, the chopsticks and the sauces. The choice of the dishes and restaurants with the Thai cuisine is really amazingly great. The food there is nourishing. A lot of people think that the Thai cuisine is too eager, but it isn’t so. This cuisine is interesting in its taste: salt, sweet and acidic. The most popular dishes are glass noodles with chicken, paprika and corn cobs under the sour sweet sauce. People like udon noodles, rice, rice noodles with meat, vegetables and sauce as well.



    The Italian cuisine is number 2. This wonderful word “pizza”… People understand this word in every part of our planet. And they know what a café or a restaurant cooks and offers to their customers! Pizza is cooked in almost each country of the world and is adapted to local national cuisine! So for example in Japan people cook pizza with  fish and seafood, in China – with bamboo and water chestnut. Pizza is an Italian dish, but with its help people can find out the national cuisines and traditions of the world. 30% of all orders in Ukraine are for Italian food.



    Number 1 is for Japanese cuisine! People think they have eaten these dishes throughout the life and just can’t imagine their life without the Japanese cuisine. The most popular dishes are rolls, miso soup and salads with seaweed. But the most beloved dish is rolls with salmon and eel.