Unusual hotels in Ukraine

  • Unusual hotels in Ukraine: the night in a cave or on a barge?


    No tourist can travel around the world without stopping to relax. Today, there are many options for having rest: from cheap hotels to luxury hotels that can be frightening with the high costs. But there are some hotels that are capable to wonder you in the first place due to their unusual design. Perhaps you have already heard of some of them. Here you will find the list of the most unusual hotels in Ukraine, where at least once each Ukrainian want to go.


    Note that these hotels are very popular among tourists, as well as from around the world as well as from Ukraine. Therefore, you should book a room as early as possible if you are planning a trip to Ukraine to meet your dream woman.


    The hotel "Staraya Pravda" (Old Truth) Polanica


    Why is it unusual: "The world is divided into  those people who have read" The Lord of the Rings " and " The Hobbit " and those who just intend to read the books" (Sunday Times). The same can be said about the hotel "Staraya Pravda", since the local houses are very similar to the fictional huts-holes of Tolkien's "Hobbit". Therefore, when one comes here, it seems that one appears in the truly fabulous way in the earth, which is inhabited by hobbits, wizards and elves.


    The hotel "Istoriya" (History), Polanica


    The unusual about the 4-storey design hotel is the concept, as it is devoted to different stages of Ukrainian history. It is a dark gray building lit in the evening and at night with lanterns and that looks like a fairy's house. All rooms have names of a certain period in the history of the Ukrainian people and its design: Cave, Tripoli, Scythia, Kiev Rus, Serfdom, Princedom, Cossacks, UPA and Classical. This is perhaps one of the most unusual hotels in Ukraine.


    Hotel "Chornyy Zamok" (Black Castle), Ivano-Frankovsk


    The unusual thing about the hotel is that those who have arrived at least once in Ivano-Frankivsk say that it seems to be known to them. And this is because the hotel " Chornyy Zamok " is located at the entrance to the provincial center of the Carpathians and everyone, at least from the window, has seen it. The hotel is decorated in mediaeval style, which affects the appearance and the interior. The guests of the hotel can grill the meat there. Therefore, you can not only enjoy the dishes of the local cooks but also your own.


    The mini-hotel "Kraevyd" (Landscape) Yaremche


    Most citizens dream of sleeping on a real rural oven. They want to have something natural in their urban life. One such opportunity is provided for hotel guests. After a good sleep and a delicious breakfast, you can study the surroundings. The view from the window of the hotel makes no one indifferent. There is a choice for every taste: hiking or cycling, or trips to the sights of Ivano-Frankivsk region.


    The complex "Kanada", Berezovka


    The most extraordinary thing about the huts is that they are as if from a fairy tale or a tale about the glorious times of the Cossacks. If you want to see something like this, you should visit the hotel "Kanada". The hosts will provide you with accommodation in one of the houses that are covered with straw. A river and a pond are not far away. The interior is equipped with wood, so the guests are surrounded by eco-materials.


    Camping "Belyy Bison" (the White Bison), Luka


    What is unusual is the highlight of the campsite is a bungalow on the territory of camping. Wooden cozy cottages bring the guests back to childhood. Finally, almost all of us would like to have a hut on the banks of the river, or even an Indian one, so that it has plenty of room for relaxation and games. In the camp, everyone will find an activity according to their taste as well as the child as well as adults. On the territory there is a small pool. In case you want something extreme, you can deal with rafting. There is always a free bike for lovers of cycling


    Camping "Indian Village", Krasnik


    Unusual in this hotel is as it is the current settlement of Indians. We have seen these tents in American films. They are called the teepee. They were popular among the riding tribes from the West, so Teepee are easily dismantled as required.


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  • Lyuda
    Lyuda Wow! I have never heard abot them! If I have a chance I would love to visit some of them )))
    May 2, 2017
  • Lyuda
    Lyuda Wow! I have never heard abot them! If I have a chance I would love to visit some of them )))
    May 2, 2017