Where to go in Lviv in the morning

  • You get to know a pretty woman from Ukraine, then plan a trip to this country. Ukraine is very beautiful. And your acquaintance with a Ukrainian dream woman through a partner exchange, partner exchange or partner search is your chance to enjoy this country. Are you coming to Lviv and arriving too early? Then our tips are for you! Six or seven in the morning, and the train has already arrived in Lviv? Do not worry! If you are comfortably dressed and in front of your eyes stands the delicate dawn of Lviv, this can be one of the most beautiful morning in the life of the traveler in Ukraine ...


    The reasons that led a person to Lviv so early are not so important. Sometimes it is connected with the settlement in the hotel. Someone came just for one day looking for adventure and entertainment, or travel program starts later, etc. But not everyone knows that in a typical tourist town, what is now the city of Lviv has become, only the mornings are the most charming and attractive for walks.


    Lviv wakes up at 10 am. This can be easily noticed due to the noise in the streets, the number of people in the cafe, many tourists in the restaurants and near famous sights. But until that time, there are several options for a quiet and joyful walk through the cozy and a bit sleepy Lviv, which will open up many secrets to the tourists.


    The first stop. Coffee and breakfast


    There are many simple and elegant places ... In these and many other restaurants of Lvov you can try delicious dishes around the clock. You can not only eat a delicious breakfast, but also start the morning with the Lviv coffee. And it is simply impossible without the unique atmosphere in which the heart of Galichyna beats.


    Brand Lviv cafes will be opened a little later, after nine in the morning. Each has its own characteristics, offers specialties for breakfast and original coffee drinks, many of which you can only enjoy in Lviv.


    The second station. Touch the secret


    Because of the special features, many legendary temples of Lviv open at 7:00-8:00. Finally, one can easily enter the mysterious space, where unusual silence is interrupted only by a cozy morning prayer. Here you can see the dark saints that have such a dark color because of time. You can feel the power of the walls, which have seen many emperors ...


    Nearby with the railway station there is a temple of Saint Olga and Elizabeth, a little further the Cathedral of St. George. And in the center of the city you will see many sanctuaries almost on every step.


    The third station. Photo shooting


    The morning is the only time when you can easily make the best and most colorful photos of Lviv. If you photograph yourself or your dream partner from Ukraine, you will know that there are exactly the people who want to be photographed and not a lot of tourists.


    Of course, the best time to photograph is a sunny morning. At the same time, if the weather is not very good, do not worry: incredibly atmospheric photos in Lviv can also be made on rainy days.


    The fourth station. In the center of the city


    Atmosphere surrounding an ensemble of the historic center of Lviv at sunrise does not leave anyone indifferent. The sounds of the city in the morning, calls from streets and fresh coffee aroma: all this symbolizes a new day in the city of Lviv in their own way.


    Of course at this time, many museums and other institutions are not yet open, not everywhere you can enter, but the size of the city center of Lviv during this time is the most striking and exciting.


    The fifth station. Next to Kamenica


    Kamenica near Lviv is a special site in the history of the city. Among all its architectural and historical attractions, they seem to be the most striking. And the most puzzling at the same time. This is mainly the case for Kamenica in the historical center of Lviv, on Rynok Square.


    In the afternoon it is not always possible to stop at any Kamenica. There are too many tourists and passersby who bring a person with their speed far from this place. But in the morning there is nothing, just lift the head to travel immediately one or two centuries back ... In the world of beautiful buildings, coat of arms of the family on the facades and certain symbolic details of each Kamenica, Lviv would probably be not what it is today.


    The time will soon pass, and soon you will be in the tender and strong embrace of the mysterious night of the city of Lviv, which is wrapped by the gentle twilight ... And now you can not make any routes, because to this point of time each even the shortest walk will bring you a very deep lifelong impression.