5 Rules How to Catch Her Fancy

  • Unfortunately a lot of men don’t know how to catch fancy of girls. They just don’t know how to invite attention to them, what to talk to a girl about. Some boys think that if girls don’t look at him it means they are haughty. Most part of them think girls need brutal, assertive men, bad boys. But if you know some easy secrets, you’ll easily catch Her fancy.


    The most common mistakes make it impossible to catch the attention of girls. Don’t think she’ll date you again, if you:


    • Try to show you’re better than you really are
    • Talk about the most common things and think inside the box
    • Have uncleanly appearance
    • Keep silence all the time and go into shell
    • Talk too much about yourself and don’t let the girl tell something about her
    • Behave yourself too mod


    To catch fancy of the girl is not so difficult. Don’t copy the behavior of sex icons you have seen in a movie and don’t be mod.


    The first thing girls look at is your appearance. Look tidy! You can get on whatever you think is nice. But be sure that your clothes is clean. Fresh breath will also help you to catch her fancy. Of course if you come in dirty clothes with greasy hair or oily skin the girl will want to run away.


    Don’t forget about the rules of conduct. If you’re sincere and good-natured, your way to Her heart will be easy. Give her a compliment, smile, be interested! Do you really want to date her again? If yes, make a good impression on her.


    Handsome manners are very very important! Don’t use strong language. Never with her. Open the door for her, help her with her coat and so on. Just practice a bit and you’ll be surprised how it is easy to catch fancy of a young lady. Women like men with handsome manners.


    Be unique. If you are talented in some spheres of life show it. Of course you don’t have to win the mountain top! Each person has their strength or some talents. If you can tell jokes, do it with her! Girls like men who have a good sense of humor. You can sing gorgeously? Go with her to a karaoke bar or just sing her a song somewhere, where there are no other people. She’ll love your drawing of her face, if you draw perfectly.


    Just communicate! You go dating to find out something interesting about a girl you like. It means you should ask her about her life and interests, her hobbies. Show the girl you are really interested in her! You shouldn’t ask her all the time. If you don’t make any breaks in your inquiries, the girl will think you’re odd. But if you ask questions, tell jokes, let her tell some stories, it may be your dream date. And she will say “yes” if you ask her for the next date.


    Above listed rules are the most important ones. Girls don’t like greedy men. It doesn’t mean you should buy her expensive presents every day or fulfill her every wish. But be attentive to her and present her sometimes flowers and other little things. Don’t play a role, be yourself. This is the best tip ever!