Useful Goodies

  • Women from Easter Europe and little children as well as a lot of men from all over the world love sweet stuff. But from the very childhood our moms and dads told us that sweets, chocolate and of course ice cream are very bad for our health. But finally scientists found that chocolate and ice cream can be useful for our health. So if you have a sweet tooth or have met your candy girl at a dating site, don’t forget to baby her with something very chocolate or iced!


    First let’s speak about the chocolate. You have heard lots of different bogeyman stories that chocolate is bad for our teeth and will definitely make you gain some extra pounds. We are going to tell you about its useful qualities. Every 50 gram of chocolate contain about 240 calories. And one half of them is for fats.


    Unexpected, but true. Chocolate contains also needed microelements. Are you expecting to see the long list? Well, a 200-gram bar of milk chocolate gives you only 10% of a standard daily rate of calcium. But a bar of chocolate is invaluable source of cuprum. This element helps to avoid anemia, cardiovascular diseases, and according to some presuppositions even cancer. Next time don’t forget to buy some milk chocolate to your sweet lady from Russia or Ukraine.


    Scientists say chocolate is very useful for our heart. New researches show that it contains such antioxidants as polyphenolic. And according to its capacity it can easily compete with fruit, red wine and green tea.


    Also it is said chocolate can improve our memory. Two cups of cacao strengthen the brain regions which answer for our memory. So this quality was confirmed a lot of times under experimental conditions.


    Chocolate doesn’t result a break-out. The experiment of Medical Scholl of the University of Pennsylvania proved that even if you eat this sweet stuff every day during a month, your face won’t look ugly. You still will be as perfect as usual.


    If you think chocolate can cause dependence, you’re wrong. Scientists have proved that a person just enjoys the taste of chocolate, but doesn’t depend on it. So you can stop eating this sweet stuff as soon as you want to.


    Also you have to know a very interesting fact. As researches say, dark chocolate is very useful for our health. It has a wide variety of  perfect characteristics. If you eat dark chocolate, you will sleep well. The matter of the fact is that it contains magnesium, which is important for operation of internal clock. Planning to go your dream woman from Eastern Europe from another time zone? Just take a bar of dark chocolate with you. It will help you to adjust to the change of rhythm “day-night” in another time zone. Magnesium is answerable for regulating of circadian rhythm.


    If you don’t like chocolate, you can get magnesium of nuts, avocado, fish, yoghurt, bananas, dried fruit and beans.


    Talking about another useful sweet thing – ice cream – you should know that scientists say it’s a real medicine! It will help you to lift the spirits. This sweet stuff activates the same regions of brain which work when you listen to your favourite music or meet your beloved people. The most useful natural sweet counter depressant is chocolate ice cream!