Ukrainian women are thrifty

  • Looking for a wife and your partner for life? Online dating portals will help you to choose one of Ukrainian women who will take care of you and your children, beautify your life with her great appearance and surprise you with her cooking talent. One of the most gorgeous features of Ukrainian women is they are thrifty.


    Due to the economical situation in the country dream girls from Ukraine can save money easily and at the same time look perfect, cook great dishes and stay positive! So, how can they do it? Do they know some secrets?


    About 10 years ago nobody in Ukraine thought about the saving and the budget planning. But today everyone in this East-European country knows some ways to save money. The first rule people use: they invest in themselves. For example, people attend different courses where they can be taught how to be thrifty.


    As 40% of all food that people buy for themselves or their families they just throw into the rubbish bin, a lot of women try to cook every day. In this way they save not only food, but electricity and gas as well. Also sweet girls from Ukraine and Russia try to cook dishes which need minimum heat treating. It helps to cook healthy food.


    Very important question is shopping. But Ukrainian women know that seasonal products are cheaper when bought in the market. It helps to save about 20% of family budget. Lots of people in Ukraine have datcha. They work there during the warm season and gather harvest. Berries, fruit and vegetables from datcha are one of the best ways to save money. People freeze and conserve them, dry and eat fresh. Home cooked drinks are tasty, fresh, healthy and cheap.


    Thrift is a good mean for saving family budget, but people want to have fresh culinary plants because they make them healthy. Ukrainian women grow them in flower pots on their window sills. They don’t have to buy them in the supermarkets and to pay money for them.


    Women in Ukraine know that food for babies cost much. They cook at home! Potatoes with carrot, rice with chicken, puree made of pumpkin and carrot, squash of apples and bananas, quark with bananas or apricots… Ukrainian moms and grandmas cook perfect for babies and children. And of course they save!


    Thrift can be seen in almost every sphere of life in Ukraine. Going to the supermarket women take poly bag or a shopping bag with them. This step saves about 400 UAH per year. Ukrainians try to take out electrical connectors out of the electricity points. Some experts say it will save you about 300-400 UAH per year.


    Shopping is always the biggest problem for thrift and family budget, that’s why Ukrainian women always take a list to the shopping centre or to the market. There they write everything they have to buy. It helps to avoid buying everything excessive.


    All Ukrainian women know when retail chains in their cities have period of sales and when they have discounts for some promotional products. They visit shops at this period to save family budget and to set some money apart for summer vacation.


    Saving money is perfect when you have at home night tariff for using electricity. Women do laundry after this tariff is in operation. Usually it’s after 23 pm.


    If you want to marry a real lady with heavenly appearance, enduring disposition and ability to save family budget, choose a woman from Ukraine! Now you know why!