What to Present a Girl

  • Girls from Eastern Europe are nice, attractive, smart, and intelligent. They are educated, can cook well, care about their families and want to feel tender next to a strong man. That’s why a lot of men register on international dating portals to find their happiness. When you found your dream lady from Russia, Poland or Ukraine, you start planning your first meeting with her. And one of the questions you want to answer is a present for your Russian girl.


    Gift theme is very popular and important. Very often men don’t know if they have to bring something for Ukrainian women for the first date. And if they have to, what to present. Should it be an expensive thing or something small? It is difficult because from the letters you can’t always understand the real taste and wishes of sweet lady Eastern Europe.


    If you ask girls around you or any other women, they will give you two main opinions: to present something and not to present anything. Some men think that a present is not obligatory, because you don’t know if the relations continue. And the most important thing is that you came to her from abroad and want to spend some time with your Ukrainian girl.


    On the one hand you are right. But she found time for you and may be had to refuse of some important events for this date as well. But the most meaningful is that if a man comes to the first meeting without any even the smallest present it’s bad manners. People may say you are tasteless.


    So the question is still what to present! Don’t choose anything expensive. If you give to your dream lady from Ukraine such a present she will think she is indebted to you for this present. She may think you are expecting something from her at night… All this can ruin your first date and won’t give you any chance for happiness with this Ukrainian girl. Do you want it? Of course, no!


    Your first present to a sweet girl from the marriage agency Ukraine or Russia could be a small souvenir. For example, a picture of your city or town, a magnet with a picture of a place of interest from your city or country. If you live near the ocean/the sea, bring her a nice shell. A beautiful big shell! Have you travelled to a foreign country recently? Bring your Russian partner a souvenir from that country. There are a lot of wooden things which women from Eastern Europe may like. An interesting jewel-box or an etui, if your dream woman likes to sew or tailors.


    Do you know what kind of music the girl from Poland likes? Present her a CD with the music of her favourite genre. Do you like the same genres of films? Take a CD with your favourite film for the sweet lady Ukraine. It’s a nice way to know each other better after your virtual meetings on the dating portal!


    A lot of men think that flowers are the perfect choice as the first gift. Frankly speaking, Ukrainian and Russian girls like flowers and they would like to get a nice bunch from the man they are dating. But think about the place where you are going to meet your woman. If it’s a restaurant, it will be great. Because there are vases for flowers. Are you going to go by boat along the river or just walk around the city? Don’t buy her flowers. It will be uncomfortable for the girl to bring a big bunch with her all the time. It’s better to choose one tender pink flower or to present her flowers at the end of your date.