Picturesque Ukraine: the lakes

  • The uniqueness of Ukraine is that the country has several climatic zones: from moderate to subtropical. Thanks to this fact the guests of Ukraine have a great opportunity to select the country for the winter or summer recreation.


    In Ukraine there are about 20 thousand lakes. They are in the mountains, by the sea or in the river bays. Today we will tell you about the most beautiful lakes of Ukraine, which are real gems of Ukrainian nature.


    The lake Synewyr (the village Synewyrska Polyana, district Mishgirskiy, Transcarpathian region)


    Exactly Synewyr is referred to the most beautiful lakes of Ukraine. The picturesque landscapes of the Carpathians and the romanticism of the legend turn this monument of nature into something unique. "The water in Synewyr is transparent as the tears of the girl. It is said that the young Syn’ mourned the beloved Wyr when they were separated ... "- so the legends in Ukraine say. The quiet and deep Synewyr (22 m) is the sea-eye of Carpathians, because the lake is located in a district surrounded by the coniferous forests.


    The Koyaske Lake (south of Kerch peninsula)


    From the Black Sea is the Koyaske lake separated by a narrow sand fill. This is a salty inundable lake where Dunaliella lives: a microscopic unicellular movable alga containing the red pigment b-carotene. B-carotene gives the water the pink-red color. The Koyaske Lake is the saltiest lake of all lakes in the Crimea. It's interesting that one of the famous sites called the Koyaske lake one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.


    The lake Nesamovyte (Rakhiv district Transcarpathian region)


    The high altitude lake Nesamovyte located in mountain Stock Chornagora, has a mystical reputation. There is a large number of legends in Carpathians on forever cold water in which you can’t throw stones and where you can not swim. The body of water is not deep (1.5 m), and 88 m long. The impressions of such an acquaintance are life-long and deep from the fact that the beautiful picturesque lake has nature with spectacular landscapes.


    The White Lake (Volodymyretskiy District Rovno area)


    The White Lake is called the lake of youth. It is said that the water is rich in glycerin and feels soft. The local people say that in the middle of the last century the water was brought from the White from Ukraine for the Polish girls, so that they could take bath. The lake itself is very nice. Here you will find a unique blend of Marshes-Lakes-Forests complexes of Western Polesye. The White Lake has  the karstic origin. The water here is so clean that you can see the sand by the depth of a few meters.


    The lake Svytyas (village Svytyas Shatskiy district Volyn region)


    The lake Svytyas is one of the pearls of collection of the National Nature Park Shatskiy where there are 24 unique lakes. The water is rich in fish, therapeutic muds, has the clean, very transparent water and sandy shore. The lake Svytyas is the deepest lake of Ukraine (58.4 m). In sunny weather you can see the sand by the depth of a few meters. This lake was among the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. The walks around the lake is very beneficial for health.


    The lake Maricheyka (Verchovinskiy District Ivano-Frankivsk region)


    Another lake of the Chornogora is Maricheyka surrounded by firry forest. The coast is covered with sub-alpine meadows. The legend tells of a beautiful girl Marichka who gave her life to save the inhabitants of her village. The lake was made from the tears of the lover of Marichka: Ivanko. The forest around the lake is called Divochiy (Girls Forest). The water is really clean, you can easily see the sand.


    Milk Liman (South of Zaporizhya area)


    The lake was made on the side of the Azov Sea and is separated from it by sand shell  barrier beach. Today, the water is called mostly as Milk Liman (Liman Molochniy). On the maps from the 19th century existed the name Milk Lake and the water of the lake was not connected to the sea. That's interesting that Liman changed, and was the closed, open or half-closed water. The mud baths from Milk Liman have healing properties and the water is similar to the water from the Sea of ​​Azov.