Ukrainian girls vs. American girls

  • Sometimes men from Switzerland, Austria or Germany think: what a woman to choose. He does not know in which country to search. Perhaps it would be good to marry an American woman, because they are so open. Or probably they should choose a Ukrainian one because they are attractive, educated and family-oriented.


    It is really hard sometimes to find the right country. And that is why we have gathered some facts so that European men could make a choice easier.


    First you should know that the Americans are very enterprising.


    An American is not sitting modestly with a glass of champagne all night, throwing glances at the men and not expecting that one of them will come to her. The Americans believe that their lives, relationships and sex are in their hands. It's so stupid just to sit and wait. In the United States of America people strive for equality between women and men.


    The Ukrainians are really modest. They are sitting the whole evening in the restaurant and waiting if a man wants to get acquainted with them. Ukrainian ladies never come to a man the first, they don’t buy and don’t present them drinks as well. The Ukrainian women think that the first step should make the man. Probably anyone thinks that it is too old-fashioned, but so are the Ukrainians.


    The Americans do not worry about the appearance.


    The Americans learn from their childhood that they are perfect in any form and body. Therefore, all women in the US and sex bombs with perfect bodies and women in crumpled T-shirts who are overweight are sure they are princesses. You do not have to criticize the female body in the US. That's sexism and an extremely bad taste. Do not tell the American women that they should become thin. Even if the woman is in love, she will hardly visit the gym or wear a nice dress instead of the crumpled T-shirt.


    The Ukrainian women think that the appearance is important for the woman. They like to visit a beautician, beauty salons, go to the gym regularly, try to better themselves. Often the Ukrainian women ask their husbands or friends if they look good or whether they should change anything in the appearance. The men in Ukraine believe it is normal, to say the women, if they do not like something in the women.


    No in the USA means No.


    If the man has invited the American woman  to a meeting and she said "no", it means that the man has no chance. It is even dangerous to ask again if she has changed her mind: it is considered to be a violation of the limits of personal space and gross interference in private life. In Ukraine "no" means "no," "no, but later" or even "Yes, with pleasure." The Ukrainian girls believe that the women can’t immediately "yes".


    It is easy to get sex with the American women.


    The Americans take everything from life what they want. If an American woman likes a man there are no siziale prejudice, mentality, color of the skin or something else that could be an obstacle for sex.


    With the Slavic women it is not so easy. They believe that the woman and the man should first form a solid relationship, know each other better. Sex is usually only possible if the man wants to marry the woman. Or says he thinks about it.


    The Americans leave the men easily.


    A night spent together is no reason for any acquaintance. It is really like that. In big cities, the women believe that they should do everything until the moment you have agreed, you are a couple.


    The Slavic women think that one night that you spent together is a reason to think about marriage. The women from the Ukraine often think and say to everyone you’re a couple after that night.


    Also you should know that the Americans do not cook or make it rare. The Ukrainians cook well and with pleasure. If you come to visit, you will eat and drink a lot. If you do not eat, the woman thinks that you don’t like the food. It makes the women sad.