Why are modern relations so fragile ?

  • Modern relations became similar to a timeserving where the comfort acts as the main priority. We can be with the person up to that time while harmony and love reign in the relations. As soon as euphoria succeeds disagreements and quarrels, we begin to look for replacement. Each couple faces  different problems.

    It is time to find out why something like this happens and what is the cornerstone of such sad tendency.

    1. We are insufficiently prepared.

    Often we aren't ready to make a compromise, to endow ourselves and just to love, without any conditions. We don't want to wait, we need all and at once. We don't allow our feelings grow, driving them in time frames.

    2. We confuse love to other feelings.

    We want to meet the one who will go to the cinema with us or night club, but not the one who will understand and support in hard minutes of the deepest grief. We don't like to live boringly therefore we look for the cheerful partner who will be able to turn our life into an adventure. However we aren't always ready to changes which inevitably come after the period of love and mutual sympathy.

    3. We plunge into routine.

    Over time we don't have time and space for love as we are too busy with a pursuit of material benefits.

    4. We expect instant result.

    When we only fall in love, we already want to see the relations with the partner mature though this maturity, as well as mutual understanding, comes over the years. Most of modern people consider that absolute nothing costs them time and patience  in this life even the love doesn't .

    5. We like to exchange.

    Many of us will spend one hour with one hundred different people rather, than day with one. In today's world there is an opinion that it is much better to meet people, than to recognize them. We are greedy, and we want everything and at once. We enter the relations and we break off them as soon as we have better "veriant". We don't give all the best to the person, but we want him to be ideal. We meet many, but we give chance to units.

    6. We became dependent on technologies.

    Technologies have brought us closer  so that it became difficult to breathe. Real-life communication was replaced by texts, voice messages, chats and video calls. Nowadays it isn't obligatory to us to spend time together any more. We already know about each other much. We have nothing to discuss.

    7. We can't remain sitting on one place.

    We consider that we aren't created for the relations, and even one thought that we should become staid, causes fear. We don't connect the life with one person any more and we avoid constancy.

    8. We became "sexually free".

    The present generation began to separate sex from love. At first people have sex and only then solve whether they suit one another. Today sex out of marriage has become a norm, and the concepts "free relations", "sex on friendship", "sex for one night" were strongly included into modern use.

    9. We began to rely on logic too often.

    Very few people from modern generation are capable to love very much, overcoming the difficulties connected with time and distance.

    10. We are afraid of very much.

    We are afraid of the new relations, disappointments, sincere wounds and the broken heart therefore we don't allow many people to enter the life, protecting it with invisible walls beyond which sometimes we can't go.

    11. We don't appreciate the relation any more.

    We can release the person loving us. We are too disappointed in people around.


    Only in youth it seems that the relations – only the romantic and days full of pleasures. In practice it turns out that it is laborious work: isn't easier to find with whom it would be possible to begin to twist a family nest at all, than, actually, to twist it. How many times we will step on the same rake before we find the more or less tolerable ideal. But you  should always remember : you are worthy the best!


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  • Andreas
    Andreas Unfortunately you are right.
    Tolerance and patience are not modern
    April 16, 2016
  • Iren
    Iren Andreas,but it is possible to draw the conclusions and to construct the ideal relations, based on others mistakes. The real love exists which will be able to close eyes to all imperfection of the world !)))
    April 18, 2016