Where you shouldn't go on the first date

  • Life in big city is very prompt and fussy, we always hurry to our work, study or to some another daily matters, forgetting to build private life at the same time. And here when there is an opportunity to go on a date with pleasant man, there is a strong wish that everything passed like clockwork. It is important for this purpose to choose the correct dress, not tomuch cosmetics and perfume, and —  to choose the place for the first date correct !

    You shouldn't appoint the first meeting at your home, especially if you live with parents who will surely want to get acquainted with your gentleman. The rare man will be able to sustain an impact of your relatives, especially if the man, for example is recently divorced. It is separate type of men. If you have no opportunity to be chosen somewhere further, then it can be romantic walk in the nearest park or the square. Such appointment doesn't oblige to anything, at the same time will allow to learn as much as possible much about each other in private conversation.



    It is not the best place for the first date. Today it is very popular to meet in big shopping center where there are not only shops, and cafe, but also various entertainments (movie theater, the ice arena, rolledry, etc.). Despite your behavior, the man can think that you brought him here to do shopping, thereby already on the first appointment you want from him something material. Even if the man possesses the impressive capital such meeting place can guard him and even to frighten off.

    Real story:

    Some girls fondly believe that having invited the young man to appointment on shops, they will untwist him on some new thing. But it not so. My friend Marina  had one acquaintance who thought in the same way. Having invited the young man in shopping center to appointment, she was convinced that he will buy something to her. Naturally, it didn't occur — the girl was left without gift and  without the guy as he carried her to mercantile persons who in guys see only their purses.



    Traditional places for acquaintances are not the best place for the first date. As sample I want to tell you the story of my friend Anna:

    There was in my life a guy with whom I decided to have your date meeting in one of pleasure institutions. Because of loud music we couldn't communicate with him and know plainly each other better. By the way, the guy was very interesting and decent (it became clear a bit later), and I caused in him not the most pleasant impressions as he thought that I have on mind only entertainments. The first date was  crash failed, but I hooked something on him and he invited me to the second date in the most usual cafe where we could talk quietly".



    Absolutely unexpected example for many because most often guys inviteat pleasant girl in cinema   . But joint viewing of the movie can not only fasten your relations, but part, as the ships in the sea .

    My friend says:

    We, girls, are so impressionable and vulnerable natures which can cry over some sad love story. Only  guys do not need our tears. Once, I wanted to watch the tearful melodrama at cinema, but none of girlfriends wanted to go with me. I couldn't think up something cleverer, than to invite the new acquaintance to descend together with me. Almost all movie I cried, and he missed the whole movie and didn't know what exactly to do. He even tried to kiss me, but my tear-stained face with the begun to flow cosmetics pushed away him. Oh, and he was  so pleasant to me. But lately we had nothing between us. I don't even know – whether it is possible to blame for it the melodrama or I am such strange unlucky person to whom not the best partners come across".



    There are such daredevils that at once start showing all power of their bends. But there are some stories? which can proof, that it is not the best way yo get aquantance with some interesting persons. This is a story of my sister Nastja:

    I go to fitness club and somehow not the cleverest thought came to my mind — I decided to combine business with pleasure and invited the guy to the first appointment in fitness club. My boyfriend wandered alone from the exercise machine to the exercise machine while I swung a bottom under the accurate guide of the fitness instructor. And then I ( sweaty, shaggy and without make-up ) go to him to communicate during small rest . It is unnecessary to say that I felt not really comfortably and the guy was discouraged by a situation. And here I understood that fitness club — not the most successful and creative idea for the first date. All my dreams of the joint future broke against bars.


    Therefore as the meeting place for the first date it is better to choose simple theater, an exhibition or any other action which will remind nothing of a material world. It can be banal, but will precisely make the correct impression about you.

    And in general, it is better if the initiative about where to go proceeds from the man. If it doesn't occur, then suggest him to choose the meeting place, at the same time you will check his imagination!


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    Olga heh, the first date is for me somrthing special Every time I have a first date( or simply meeting) with a guy it is someting like endurance test:) We just walk on foot around the city and speak.

    I really agree with you the places mentioned above are not...  more
    April 20, 2016