How to surprise a girl?

  • Girls appreciate guys” ability to surprise. To be the best man in the world, you need to know how to surprise the girl, to make her feel your love, even being in another city or country.

    A girl is a pretty living being. It is enough from her: daily calls and tender messages. But man may well come up with something extraordinary for not to give his girlfriend to forget about yourself, even if it is thousands of kilometers away.


    Delivery system

    What should you do if your girlfriend is in another city, and you want to give her a bouquet:

    1. Social networks and Internet search engines find a company for the delivery of flowers;

    2. connect personally with the manager or supervisor of the company;

    3. explain the situation: you are in another city, you are interested in the ability to choose a bouquet from the pictures, agree on payment (card, electronic cash);

    4. make the payment and wait for a joyful SMS from your significant other, who will be surprised how you were able to give her the flowers, being thousands of kilometers away.


    In addition to flowers, you can transfer any surprises:

    •Stuffed Toys;


    • Dinner at the restaurant, etc.

    Advertising banner


    To tell your girl about feelings, you can use the “loud” declarations of love. Under the definition of "loud" is meant that the recognition that not only you know it, but other people.

    It is possible to apply to a special company. There are a lot of  companies  engaged in design of advertising banners. Proceed as follows:

    1. Come up with a poster design. You can do this in the city. If you own program layout: you can do everything by yourself, company can draw the poster.

    2. In the city, to look for a company which is engaged in advertising on banners, on buses, transport, etc. The poster could be seen by a large number of people.

    3. Pay by using card.

    If you choose a banner, try that it is positioned in the path of the your girl’s route.


    Here I am

    Option for the most impatient guys: you can just come to your significant other. She will certainly be pleasantly surprised by that you are willing to follow her to the world’s end, forgetting about their own affairs.

    1. You can quietly come to the city where she lives, live nearby and give her a day of surprises. However, it should understand that it is you are doing, not some kind of a fan. For example: drop a note in the mailbox (that she recognized the handwriting), something that know only the two of you. Come to her at work or school and pass the message in words. Try to look to be accurately describe (you can wear the clothes in which she was accustomed to see you).

    2. Try to be a phantom. She must think that you are her imagination. Wear a baseball cap, sunglasses, a hood, and appear in the sight of the girl, come out from behind a corner, and then hide again; show yourselves in the crowd, and then mix with it; stand on a road near a traffic light near where the bus will stop it, etc.

    3. Just suddenly appeared. This can happen at any time and anywhere: clash with her on the subway, ask to pass for travel on the bus, ask her time as if you were bystanders.


    Performing all of the above steps, remember that she may at any time  call you, to calm her bewilderment. Be prepared for  inquiries. Expand yourself and hug your girl, you can do it at any time!