Relations under the threat

  • There are some habits in our life which can seem to be harmless, but over time they can lead to what you also didn't expect. Danger isn't obvious, it is possible you even you do it  every day, but it can really be fatal for your relations.

    We, the Ukrainian women, are very attentive to men. Thanks to it we are loved by foreigners. We are good to deal with and it is pleasant to speak with us and to develop the relations. But, it happens …


    To focus attention on what is unimportant

    There are too much distracting factors in the modern world, what actually isn't important, but takes away your attention. Computer games, social networks, TV, mobile, iPads can prevent us to find more time for the partner in life.

    And so gradually we lose connection with each other, that once pulled us together. Introduce the rule to postpone away different gadgets when you are together. Find time for each other every day even if it is small talk. Pay attention how much time you spend in the Internet when your partner is nearby. Concentrate on what is really important, and think whether enough time you devote for your partner.

    We bathe in the world of modern technologies, but it is important to remember that the main thing is people, who are nearby, but not in "network". Though we see how the network connects  lonely people, thanks to dating sites!


    To criticize each other

    You can think that you help each other to change for better using constructive criticism or pointing out the defects, but it can have another effect. Be careful with words  with help of which you criticize the person and in what way you do it. Of course,  all of us have what to change, and we have to work on ourselves every day, but it is too much criticism and it is destructive.

    Think: when you hear criticism from your significant other, it oppresses you. You can think that you aren't rather good that he doesn't love you and notices only bad.

    Instead of it is necessary to say compliments, to notice good acts and to say how strongly you love each other. To tell pleasant things even when you still communicate online.


    To compare your  life with others

    In the modern world people can idealize idea of what is life. They see examples in reality show, social networks, advertising and  don't appreciate what they have.

    When we meet the schoolmate and he begins to praise his work, we automatically begin to doubt and even  feel ourselves like losers.

    It is worse when such comparisons concern the relations. People usually don't tell in social networks about the quarrels, what irritates them in each other. We see only one part of the relations of people there: good one, their romantic dates and travels. Therefore don't allow the lovely filtered photos of other couples to influence your relations, don't compare yourself with them because you don't know a full picture.


    To spend too much time separately

    It can be not specially, you can even notice it not at once. All this can because of work, family circumstances, but with time  you can  just get used to be separately. You lose what was created for years. And it is very important not to allow it, let it will mean to change work or to move to one of you.

    If you have been communicating on a dating site for a long time, then meet! Stop wasting time when it is possible to spend it together!