• We all know the fact that it is pleasant to kiss. Do you know that  kiss not only forces heart to contract with pleasure, but also is useful for health? We will see 7 factors knowledge of which will make your intimacy with darling  more conscious and will stimulate you to new "kissing" feats …


    Kisses promote weight loss

    Have you known about it?! I think many of us heard about it. It is established by scientists that during a passionate kiss are burned about two calories a minute. Of course, it is far from that effect which the racetrack has. If result is the same, then the majority of us will only be engaged in kissing continually. However, somebody does … Of course, in public transport it is awful! It is necessary to respect the rules of decency!

    Well, the excess reminder on indispensability of exercises and sport hurt nobody!


    You will look younger

    Probably, everybody knows that when you frown, more face muscles are involved, than when we  smile. And what about kisses? Sexologists say that during a kiss participate  about 30 muscles! Thus, kisses promote maintenance of the person in a good tone of beauty and youth. Dearest, aren’t  we created for this purpose? Girls, lets kiss!

    Your mouth will be healthy

    If there is a place for kisses in our life, we always care for hygiene of the mouth with special care. (Men, it is not pleasant for women to feel taste of sauce of your last burger!:) So, in addition, kiss means,  to support a mouth in health! The French kiss increases production of saliva and thus promotes destruction of harmful bacteria. You shouldn't worry about an exchange of parasites.


    Immunity will be fine

    Next time, when you need the reason to merge with the beloved in a hot kiss, think that the last can strengthen your immune system. The anesthesiologist Yael Vernado notes that the exchange of salivary allocations taking place at a kiss is actually an exchange of microbes, i.e. natural vaccination! Yes!


    Reducting  stress

    How long do you feel  stress right after a kiss? Well, all right, that notorious date plunged you into a terrible depression, however it was an exceptional case, wasn't it? Having kissed properly, you steadily feel pleasure which on the intensity concedes unless to pleasure derived … during a kiss! Whether there is a place to a stress here? Of course, no. And everything because the kiss calls emission of oxytocin: the hormone, which lightens mood! Let’s kiss and flit like a butterfly!


    Reducting pain

    By scientific experiments it is proved that kisses reduce a pain syndrome. Along with oxytocin, the kiss releases endorphin ("pleasure hormone") which is capable to calm pain. It is curious that kisses render twice bigger anestetichesky effect, than some special medicine, and, unlike use of the last, negative side effects at the same time aren't observed. Of course, there isn't always a wish to kiss when you feel bad, but you shouldn't refuse it to darling, he wants to help you:)


    Heart health

    If you think that it is all, you are mistaken because adrenaline is also thrown out blood just as it occurs at physical exercises. Total: heart training and strengthening of blood circulation. Besides, the streptococci which are contained in saliva promote synthesis of enzyme which prevents a stroke and a sharp myocardial infarction.


    There are a lot of advantages and pleasure from kisses. It is necessary to wish: kiss for  health!