Between us. What kills the sexual appetence?

  • Yes, so happens that sometimes there is no wish for sex. At all. Movies don't help, and attempts of preludes call irritation. But the most interesting: the person is irritated with himself, but not with darling because there is no wish for sex and it frightens.

    If you don’t have interest for sex, just know, you aren't lonely. Recently it became clear that 53% of Americans of middle age are absolutely indifferent to sex.


    What is the problem??

    You eat a lot of cheese

    Testosterone is the engine of sexual desire, both for men, and  women. Unfortunately, there are products which promote processing of testosterone in estrogen, and their frequent use kills your sex. If you eat cheese five times a week, you will have problems. Other enemies of a bed hid in your kitchen are: alcohol, chocolate, muesli and, strangely enough, fruit yogurts. Do you want a small bottle of yoghurt?)


    You have a stressful life

    Constant deadlines, shortage of money, problems with relatives…any of these events increases the level of cortisol, stress hormone, in an organism. Cortisol reduces testosterone level. Is it possible to speak about sex when there is no place for calmness in a head? I don’t know, maybe…


    You drink not enough water

    It is optional to make a hike on the desert to get a dehydration. It is enough not to react to desire to drink water during the usual working day. So, day by day. Your headaches and irritability can be a signal that you drink not enough liquid. And lack of greasing in a vagina can be for the same reason. You see that water is necessary not only for beautiful skin. So, one more reason to drink a glass of water right now!


    You don't sleep enough

    You feel that you too tired for sex. It is necessary to sleep more and more regularly. The sleep deficit reduces not only a libido, but it can lead to a depression and overweight. Just think about it.


    You take medicines

    Read about side-effects in the instruction: antidepressants and antihistaminic medicine can kill your appetence and orgasm.


    Your body mass index is too high

    Even a slight obesity leads to loss of desire. And return to normal weight returns you in big sex. But don't rush into extremes, sharp loss of weight doesn't add any health.


    You are taking birth control pills

    There is a cruel irony, but rather long taking hormonal contraceptive reduce an appetence.


    You smoke

    Smoking narrows vessels and reduces inflow of blood both to a penis, and to a vagina. It depends on both partners.


    You postpone a visit to the doctor

    It is not easy to admit that you have difficulties with an orgasm or a low libido therefore many people prefer to say "I just don't want". Whereas many disorder can be found and cured by medicine. And you will be able to enjoy sex.