Women's wisdom. Women's opinion.

  • There is an opinion that woman can be not too clever because vital wisdom is far more important.  Who is this "wise woman"? It is natural that there is a lot of opinions and they are various. Well, we will see.


    You don't lie to yourself

    Even in trifles. For what?? It is necessary to think about a problem, sooner or later, anyway. If the man didn't call, didn't write to you on a dating site, etc., he does not want to do it. That’s all. Imaginations like he went to Honduras to visit suddenly sick aunt, or he lost your number, or he is so strongly in love because of what hesitates to call are not your imaginations! You aren't engaged in self-deception and you don't suffer then from its consequences. For most of women it is inherent to think and think but in general everything is extremely simple …


    You aren't fixated on the man

    Sure you love them. But  you have more to think about: work, family, hobby. Of course, you had men, have and will have. Perhaps, you  have already found the person with whom you plan to spend the rest of days. But you don't consider that only at this moment you are the perfect woman. You were such woman before his coming in your life and you will be such woman even if you suddenly leave him. And the most important - you will never become the boring woman. You are self-sufficient. Yes, this word is the most appropriate to express my point of view.


    You don't hide emotions

    If you are happy , you rejoice. If  you feel bad, you miss. You don't hide the emotions and you don't suppress them because you understand that they are an essence of you. Generally, you don't arrange theater of one actress - oh, it was such a tragedy! Worried - and thank God, there is nothing to be picked it for years.


    You are observant

    So, you see when somebody lies you, it is very useful.But your inner eye is not selective and is not directed only to you. You feel when it is really bad to someone, you offer the help. You see when someone is really happy and you will note it because it will be pleasant to the person.


    Your image is created

    You know what fits you and you don't spend time for risky experiments about which you will regret. You don't pursue fashion, you like it but you choose only what will ideally fit your style. To make impression on someone is  not your task: main thing for you is harmony - external and internal. It is seen that you don't make any efforts for maintenance of the beauty at all, but at the same time you look pertinently always and everywhere. Exactly as it is demanded by a situation.


    You set your own frame

    In any sphere of your life there are certain borders beyond which limits you don't want to go. Or, on the contrary, there is no wish to let someone to do it. And nobody manages to press through these borders. You can be finished, bribed, blackmailed or tried to be deceived, but it is waste of time and forces. Because you have decided when, why and for whom these boarders can be shifted.


    You perfectly know yourself

    Your body doesn't give you unexpected and unpleasant surprises just because you are attentive to it. Of course, you are a living being and you can also get sick or suddenly to feel bad or  just nothave enough to sleep. But you have no heavy hangover  when it is necessary to look good and be vigorous. Because the day before you stopped exactly when it was necessary. And it is, by the way, not so iron will and not continuous self-checking , you just know that you are able to feel good, you understand how it is important.


    You are able to analyze

    Dreams  are good, but you prefer plans when the speech comes about something important. And these plans never happen impracticable It isn't enough to make plans if there is no ability to analyze a situation and to count options. You are able to do both of those.


    You live here and now

    The past interests you only in connection with memoirs and the saved-up experience. You don’t worry about what was made not so good, told and so on. And the past of your ex-boyfriend interests you only in a context "What it actually was?" The past passed. And as for the future any of the provided future doesn't happen and you perfectly understand it. Therefore it is possible to dream and plan but it is necessary to live now. You get it.


    You are a woman all time

    You aren't going to give in for silly tricks like «real woman has to...", but also to deny the feminity won't come to your mind. To refuse of flowers, beautiful dresses and handbags, homeliness and chatter with girlfriends? It is fine to be the woman. It is Silly to refuse it.  IMHO.